Coughs and Colds

Does anybody have any tips for heavy colds and coughs  - finally getting over one, but unable to take anything as am on Rasagaline.  No doubt another cold will come along, so all tips appreciated.  Thank you

Hi there, I can relate to this, I cant really take any cold meds either, Im afraid I can only suggest rest, keeping hydrated and throat sweets, and I drink hot water with honey and lemon, and I hope the vitamin C in the lemon should help fend off future colds and the honey is antibacterial. Sorry I cant help more!

if you have parkinsons you are entitled to the flu jab free , bit late for this yr but remember it for following yr

Thank you for getting back to me - all advice is most welcome!  That's a good idea about the hot drinks with honey and lemon - I will remember that for the future as no doubt another cold is lurking just round the corner!

Thank you for this - I don't know much about the flu jab so will investigate before next year.  Hopefully it is the way forward!

No worries, obviously its no miracle cure but it cant do you any harm and it's nicer than lemsip anyway hehe. Make sure you have enough vitamin c and you can get these first defence cold set things with a nose spray thats supposed to stop a cold developing but im not too sure how it works. If you get headaches with a cold and cant take painkillers i like the headache cooling strips you stick on your head. You can just ask your GP about the flu jab, i can't have it cos im allergic (just my luck!) but its worth having if you can!


I had a flu jab last October  they did ask me before hand am i allergic too eggs??, might be worth getting your vitamins checked too, I spend lots of time outdoors and was found too be vitamin D deficient.

Hi sea angler it seems this vitamin d deficiency is a common thing with parkinsons .I am deficient too . My levels were pretty low so I have been on it since diagnosis (sep) .The PD nurse thought it might be low because of pain and wondered if it was bone pain ? Starting them didn't make a difference . Gonna ask gp to recheck levels . I wonder if the lack of vit d is as a result of PD or whether it has significance in developing it. I'm sure there's research into this but haven't looked into it . 

 i had only  a quick look Not sure if there's a direct link? but with balance~falls i spose there is more risk of injury with bones  or general bone pain ??and it can help ward off flu apparently, i found it hard too believe i was deficient having a tan off water in winter and being a angler eating plenty of fish, they also at the time gave me another supplement of folic acid??, i haven't been checked or tested since too see if everythings ok.


Yeah sea angler, the flu jab is cultured in a hens egg and seeing as im allergic to raw eggs i couldnt have it, weird eh! I take a vit d supplement too but i think its a genetic thing with me cos my mum is deficient, and i take a multivitamin every day as well. I hope you manage to keep the colds at bay all of you! Mine is just clearing up at the moment, they really mess with me, damn viruses

That is a great idea about the headache cooling strips - thank you!  I do take Paracetamol, but am loathe to do so

I've heard about this allergy but didn't realise it prevented people have a flu jab.  That is good advice about the vitamins - thank you

No worries, im happy to share any tips, obviously none of them are great but little things can help a bit, im always trying to find ways to help myself or make myself feel a little better!