Could it be PD?

I am nearly 51, years old, i have had symptoms for 10 years, yet have shrugged them off for the last 9 years, after my first MRI scan ruled out MS, as that is what neuro thought as I have a brother and sister with this illness. I woke up about 12 months ago, and couldn’t physically manage to go to work, thought flu, had blood tests done when for the first time it showed I had some sort of autoimmune illness. They did the test two weeks apart and my levels had more then doubled. So once again ate neuro, again tested for MS, and also epilepsy, as I zone out and can’t remember or do things that I have no recollection of doing.
I work in retail, and can no longer stand for long periods of time. I feel like I am vibrating from the inside out, my legs feel heavy and find I drag them a lot, have had a lot of twitches in a couple of my fingers, legs and chin. Customers are often asking me to repeat my self, as I seem to trail of in my voice, my boss is noticing balance issues, I get dizzy, feel sick, fatigue, pain in joints and nerves feel extra sensitive as finger tips but, have had extreme pain in shoulder, and last year my knee had a lot of pain, behind the knee and would lock up, until one day i couldn’t unlock it, dr thought I had a tear went for mri and nothing wrong with it, and it did right itself. I feel like rip can winkle and can sleep at drop of a hat in the morning, yet I toss and turn and night, apparently constantly according to hubby. I have what I thought IBS, and I have pretty bad Incontinence. I am really forgetful and get brain fog. I can be fine one minute and sick the next, for example get into a car, when I get out of the car, I feel calmly like you do if you are about to faint, my legs feel heavy and weak at the same time, my balance which I walk like I am drunk, is normally bumping into things, yet this particular time I lost my balance and was going backwards, if daughter wasn’t there I would of fallen. I am starting to get more headaches, I feel stiff where some days it’s there all day, I get a lot of cramps in feet, legs and hands. Pins and needles. A friend of my sister asked her what was wrong with me as she noticed my eye was twitching. I have short circuited at work three times so far in the last few months, where I felt like I was being shaken from inside out and the tremors so bad I couldn’t hold a cup of water. I thought I could have MS or fibromyalgia, never thought as neuro epilepsy, yet a few people have said have you asked neuro about Parkinson’s, I go back to her next month. I used to have nice handwriting but I find that it is too difficult to do that now, as my writing can be very cramped, it starts off okay, but then as it goes on, it gets messy and cramped. Boss at work says I tend to lean to one side when walking, I find I don’t sit up properly on a lounge anymore unless, I am sitting forward with both feet firmly planted on the ground. My daughter asked why lying on the lounge my foot seemed to turn inwards. I also notice that my left arm seems to be a dead a with little movement when I am walking. My mum also had Alzheimer’s so bit worried that my forgetfulness is early onset of Alzheimer’s. It’s been 12 months with symptoms not leaving as they used to do, so now just want answers.
Thanks to anyone that reads this and can shed some light on this. I know to speak to neuro so not looking for a online diagnosis.

Welcome to the club and sorry for all that you are going through. I am far from being an expert but certainly some of your symptoms could be attributed to PD but, as you indicate, you need to see a neurologist. Good luck and best wishes