Council tax reduction

Hi, looking for some info please on council tax reduction one criteria is severe mental impairment had a wee look online some are saying Parkinsons is a criteria for this. 

Im on lower rate for PIP. 


Severe mental impairment , not sure having  Parkinsons means you automatically have this type of disability. Physical disabilities are a separate issue.


The word severe implies that you would not be able to function on a  social or intellectual level. If you have mental health issues perhaps discuss this with your PD nurse, specialist to explore whether your difficulties can be classed as 'severe'.  Benefits are awarded to those who meet the criteria and Parkinsons is a so called 'boutique' disease,  not everyone will experience the same symptons.  

Best ask the council for clarification, but thinking  logically you would need to provide evidence for the mental health issues you have rather than a statement of a PD diagnosis.

You can, in some local authorities,  receive a council tax reduction IF you have modifications in place in your home. Parkinson's does not necessarily mean that you have mental impairment, severe or not.

Phone the PUK helpline or your local authority for advice.

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The direct answer to your question is no, not a chance. You have to be close to demented, or certainly educationally sub normal. Some house modifications qualify- converting a room to provide a disability adapted bathroom, but NOT if you convert an existing bathroom. Neither does a stairlift. I know this because I’ve asked, and ours is a house full of PIP awards. To be fair, the council did pay for 80% of the cost of the bathroom and the stairlift. That’s worth a few years of reduced council tax. (That grant is non means tested in Scotland, it isn’t in England)