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Hello everyone.

Did you know there is such a thing as Disablement Relief which is administered by the Council Tax Dept. If you meet the criteria, which my husband does, you can have your council tax banding dropped to the next lower band. Ours has been dropped from D to C, saving us approx. £250.00 per annum.

I understand this is paid for by the Govt, not the local authority, and very few are aware of it.

I was told to claim this as we moved house to one with a downstairs toilet and bedroom to accomodate my husband's disability.

I think you have to move and have at least one of these  in the new house to claim the reduction but I might be wrong.



Does your husband use a wheelchair?

I get a reduction in our council tax, I don't know if everyone knows of it but it is called disregard discount but only applies if someone is severely mentally disabled. Although my partner suffers from Parkinsons he also has Lewy Body Dementia which now puts him under that category so we get 25% off. It seems awful labelling him as mentally disabled but his doctor said "well he is". He is coming out of hospital this weekend after being in there since 13th May. Can't wait to have him home. 

Hi Coombsie

No, he doesn't use a wheelchair but we had to move as the stairs started to be a problem and the downstairs loo is so useful during the day.

I wonder if different areas have different rules?

If you look in the info which comes with your council tax bill it should tell you what is needed to qualify.



Hello Treacle. My husband also has Lewy Body Dementia, but our reduction in Council Tax banding, is due to the fact that he will now be reliant on a wheelchair, and has a bedroom for his sole use.

Steve has been in hospital for 3 months, and hopefully will be discharged  within the next 2 weeks.

Goldengirl, all councils should have the same rules as regards this benefit, as funding comes from the Govt. via the local authorities. (that's what the council fella told me yesterday when he visited our home).

He came to view the room my husband sleeps in, and said we qualified.

i got a band drop from my local council when we put in a second bathroom downstairs.  To qualify there had to be a shower and a toilet for my use.  It was a simple process for once,  all I had to do was fill out a form and they came to look at it....then it only took a short time before I got notification of the reduction

Don't PDUK have a benefits adviser that could clarify the requirements to claim the reduction in council tax banding  on disability grounds?

And also how one puts in a claim?



Hi Goldengirl.

I just rang the Council, and they took a few details over the phone, and advised that I would receive a phone call from them to make an appointment to come to our home, which they did.

There were no forms to complete. I was advised my husband qualified, and our council tax reduction would commence straight away, even allowing us a rebate for the previous year.

Ring the Council first and see what happens.

Hi All

My lovely Dad died in 2015, he had Parkinson's and Lewy Body Dementia.  Does anyone know if  my Mum was entitled to a Council Tax Reduction from the time Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's or from when he started receiving Attendance Allowance? I'm sure I read somewhere it's from diagnosis but the Council say it's from AA. 

Thanks x

Hi ashleigh40,

I'm really sorry to hear about your father's passing. It might be worth giving our helpline a call to chat with our advisers about this, as they can help you with information about benefits. Please call us on 0808 800 0303 (lines are open Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm and Saturday: 10am-2pm) so we can help your mother find out what her entitlement is.

Best wishes,
Mara (Moderation team)