I was diagnosed in October last year at the age of 48,and over the following months struggled to come to terms with the implications my condition had. I was facing issues on a daily basis i.e. limitations to my independence, effect on my family, giving up my driving and most recently the threat of losing my job. I was given the opportunity to have counselling to help me take stock and put things into perspective. I am so glad I took up the offer. I have had two sessions to date and another next week and I can honestly say they have been a revelation. I admit to crying throughout each session and coming out emotionally drained, but the counsellor has been wonderful and has gently guided me through the process. She lets me talk and she LISTENS! I am now looking at things more positively and have realised that the anger and despair I was feeling is a natural reaction and I am allowed to feel like that. The counsellor said being diagnosed with PD was in many ways like a bereavement and I am grieving for the things I have lost. What I need to do now is celebrate and embrace what I have and not look too far into the future thus letting PD consume me. I will fight!
Has anyone else had counselling and if so did it help?
Di x
I am so pleased hat you have been helped by counselling.
My husband and I were offered help by a neuropsychologist after his horrifically destructive OCDs caused by DAs.
The sessions taught me to use compassionate mindfulness to stop the endless rumination and suicidal thoughts, and live in the moment,also to be kind to myself.
My husband's sessions were more traditional counselling and coming to terms with his changed life.
This saved our marriage and our lives.
If anyone feels it will benefit them ASK for a referral.
And I hope you continue to find comfort,Promise.
Thank you GG for bravely mentioning ruminations and suicidal thoughts - I can sign up to those too, even though both of them are totally pointless and useless things to be focussing on. Reminded me of my brief foray into psychological therapies when trying to overcome the depression that so often comes on either the carer or the person with PD. - thanks for reminding me of these techniques. I'd got a bit bogged down again.
Hi Promise,
I know exactly how you feel.I have had counselling for a year,plus CBT.Then since Nov last year after weekly sessions with a clinical psychologist,until the present.It has emerged that I had a pre-existing psychological condition prior to my PD diagnosis.I didn,t know,the Neuro still doesn't know.How could I have told the Neuro,when I didn't know until now.
I have been shunned by One half of the PD community because of this,though there are a few who understand.They alas,only venture,if they do ever,to the poetry section.The place where sensitive people go.Not because of this site.Others out there are gunning for the sensitive.So we retreat,hide away.
A lone deer is no match for a pack of Hyena's.Most of what i post is sensored,removed.So I won't hold my breath again.
Just want you to know that I understand the emotion turmoil
Mine came from all directions at once
You may feel the same
Take care
That's what I like to hear, a fighter, never bow to BLACKHEART , it will hammer at your defences and there will be difficult times, but keep your head up and with the help of your councilor you can win through.
Best Wishes Fed
counselling = listening= conversing = chatting

Suggestion for the mods / site programmers

Could a chat room facility be set up so users can converse in real time
I know for one it would be good to chat to someone in similar situation especially among us insomniacs
When the rest of the country is asleep

Hi Promise

I think this counselling is exactly what my husband needs. He was diagnosed two year ago at the age if 49 and feels exactly the way you did. Can I ask how you accessed the support? 

my consultant has referred me for counselling and i've also put myself forward for anxiety in parkinsons research. I believe talking is key ...because I have Parkinsons not cancer or anything else that may kill me, I dont feel that I have a right to wobble or cry in front of anyone .... I know in my head i'm being stupid but feel that i have a duty to be strong... although i'm feeling darn right weak right now and constantly crying in private urrgghhhh

counselling = listening= conversing = chatting

Suggestion for the mods / site programmers

"Could a chat room facility be set up so users can converse in real time
I know for one it would be good to chat to someone in similar situation especially among us insomniacs
When the rest of the country is asleep"


Your suggestion  for a chat room has been mentioned and requested on numerous occassions and each time it fell on deaf ears, so dont hold your breathe waiting for one sad face




I think counselling can be very good but its important to  find someone u can relate to... so shop around.

It hel[ps me in that i spill it all out to her , come to terms with it all and dont have to rely on friends, it'd be nice if u could but its a lot for them totake .

It costs money but it canbe worth it .


hi all

I was never offered councelling I basically pulled my self out of the black hole I felt I was in when diagnosed 11 years ago eventually you come to realise there is life with PD since taking ill health retirement I have never been so busy I joined the local support group and am now on the committee, I have met and made friends with some lovely people so there is an upside to having PD.


My employers offered to refer me through Mediscreen as I was a council employee. It was the one positive thing they did!


hi all

psychotherapy, counselling, psychoanalysis and sessions with clinical psycholoist can be so valuable.

GP's can choose to refer you to any of these.

Also your PD nurse specialist and neurologist could refer you.

If you are experiencing suicidial ideas then you could phone the local Samaritans, some also offer one to one counselling in their offices.

Please don't feel shy - get the help you need, it is so important and, if the first therapist does not feel okay for you, then ask to be introduced to another.

Mindfulness meditation courses are also so special.