Covid Booster Moderna

Did anyone experience side effects of mobility from covid booster jab.12 hours after 2nd booster jab am immobilised and confined to bed for the past three days. Anyone else have this? How long will this last?doing very well on madopar before this vaccine booster.

Hi @Hazel79,

I wanted to take a moment and welcome you to the Forum. It’s lovely to see you here and it’s great that you’re already posting to the community!

I’m sorry to see no one has responded yet though. We do definitely have some community members who have noticed differences in their symptoms after being vaccinated, or changes in how their medication was working for them after the jab - I hope some of them stop by soon to offer their advice and share their experiences with you.

My best suggestion for you though would be to contact your GP or Parkinson’s specialist about this, if you haven’t already done so. It is my hope that by the time you see this you are already feeling better and more like yourself, but it important to keep your health care professional in the know on these sorts of matters - just to be safe!

Please do take care.

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All I can tell you is that in BC Canada where I live, Moderna is very common as a booster shot and in fact you are encouraged to have ìt if there’s a choice and so you ask what’s best even if you had Pfizer for both previous shots. It’s usually a half dose for the Moderna booster (as opposed to a full dose for the Pfizer booster) and quite a few people I know felt a bit rough after it. My daughter had Pfizer for her 1st and Moderna for her 2nd and felt rough after the Moderna. She’s young and doesn’t have Parkinson’s. They mix and match shots quite a lot here.

So hopefully what you’re experiencing is just side effects which will pass soon.