Covid injection

Has anyone had their covid injection? Has there been any information on whether it is safe to have this in parkinsons. Are we at risk of reactions to it?

Hi @Littleoldme,

We have a lot of helpful information on the Parkinson’s UK website about the Covid-19 vaccination which you can find here:

However, to answer your question specifically, our Clinical Director, Dr Donald Grosset, advises:

“The vaccine is safe for people with Parkinson’s. There is no interaction with Parkinson’s medication. Parkinson’s is specifically included as one of the conditions that is in a ‘clinical risk group’ and every adult with Parkinson’s should get the vaccine.”

For more information and support on this, please feel free to speak to helpline team on 0808 800 0303.

Best wishes,

Thank you. I didn’t realise Dr Grosset was the clinical consultant. He’s my consultant, a lovely man.

A whole bunch of us PWP in the 70+ group, in West Berkshire have had the Astra Zeneca jab, and really look forward to having the second in early May.

No serious side effects reported.

Thats great glad you are all okay

Cheers, the experience thus far is that it’s all O.K.

There is a great ‘sense of relief’ amongst us ( we have Zoom virtual meetings 5 or 6 times a week, so keep up to date on all sorts of things.)


Hi @Littleoldme,
I am 58 and had my vaccination on Wednesday morning at my GP surgery. Everything well organised and I have had no side effects at all not even a sore arm. :sunglasses:

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Thats great it went well :+1: thanks :blush:

Husband had his first vaccination in December and is due second one in 2 weeks, hurrah! No side effects at all although I understand second dose may have be different . Time will tell but anything that will enable us to see family without them worrying so much will be wonderful especially as my husband has developed Parkinson’s Dementia during lockdown.

Hi My husband had his first Astra Zeneca jab 3 weeks ago and no side effects.
In fact I was the one who felt a bit “off” for a couple of days and I’m supposed to be healthy
Hope all goes well for you