Covid side effecfts

This is my first post but have had PD for about 3 years and its well controlled on medication. I have been reading alot about the vaccines and how they haven’t been tested on any volunteers with PD (Imperial are doing some reasearch at the moment) and I wondered if anyone who has had the vaccine has noticed any unusual side effects or have concerns about long term effects
Dilly M

Hi @DillyM, welcome to the forum! Many people have questions about the vaccine andI’m sure that other members will be popping up with their own experiences and what side effects they have had.

Meanwhile, our Clinical Director, Dr Donald Grosset, has said that the vaccine is safe for people with Parkinson’s and that there is no interaction with Parkinson’s medication. You can read more at

If you’re unsure and need to talk to someone, we’re here. Call our helpline on 0808 800 0303.

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@DillyM my wife and I both had our first dose of vaccine a few weeks ago. Although I felt a little under the weather for 2 days it was very mild and quickly passed. I don’t have PD.

My wife, who has PD, had no side effects from the vaccine and has not noticed any change to her PD symptoms. We are both looking forward to our second doses in mid-May.

My wife is very nervous of seeing anyone at present because of Covid risk and having the vaccine will give her the confidence to see our family again and give them big hugs.

I say go for it with confidence as upside far out weighs downside in my opinion.

Hi @DillyM welcome to the Forum. Covid jab reactions as far as I can see are like the Parkinson effect, everybody’s different. My wife had an aching arm for two days but then again when we have the Flu Jab she will get side effect and I won’t !! I had the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine and only had a slight ache in the arm the following day. I am due my second round on April 24th having had my first on February 6th. We’re the same as @PWPilot’s wife, we’re wary of people and always mask up and glove up when we venture out. Given that we’re beside the seaside we have greater reason to be wary of Grockles(holidaymakers) even now there are people down here who shouldn’t be, ie people in camper vans, even though no where is open. Take care/stay safe.


I have had both doses no side effects

I’ve had my first dose, with no side effects. I had the Oxford Astra Zeneca.

I’m 51 with PD, had the AstraZeneca jab first dose a few weeks ago with no reaction at all.

I had the Pfizer jab in Feb, only side effect was an achy arm for a day. Then came the satisfaction of knowing I have some protection against Covid.

I’ve had my first dose of the Astra Zeneca vaccine with no ill effects. Not even a sore arm!