Covid vaccine


My Mum thankfully had her vaccination on Friday last however is very tired and not with it. She is 81 years old , has anyone else experienced such a reaction.

Many thanks and stay well


I’ve had my vaccination hip,hip, hip hooray
Looking forward to the second one, just might get out to play
Though it left me tired, lasting just two days
Lights are on in the tunnel, electric bill is paid
To all out there who are worried, side-effects nowt new
Very much like Parkinson’s, so nothing else is new
So everything is doable, if offered it’s safe to take
The only thing it doesn’t do,…
Is make you bl/:y shake

My husband, 73, is in a care home, and had his vaccination last week. He said he didn’t feel well the following day, but was back to normal after that.


I am 86 - have suffered from PD for 10 years. I was given the Pfizer vaccine 2 weeks ago and have not experienced any adverse reaction,

With the rollout of new vaccines there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel. Apparently before vaccination subjects may be asked if they are symptomatic-- that is-- are they exhibiting any signs of having covid 90 such as a high temperature or respiratory symptoms such as a persistent cough. Presumably it’s not a good idea to be vaccinated if you already have coronavirus. Obviously anyone would wish to cooperate but my question is would Parkinson’s disease with its effect on the autonomic system possibly mask these tell-tale symptoms?

Hi I am 68 and had my first injection Sat 13th Feb around lunchtime.I felt ok but around six/seven I started feeling cold and shivery, by the time it came to bedtime I could hardly waik, getting upstairs was painful, muscles felt quite stiff, I am glad I had got changed for bed earlier otherwise would have struggled to get undressed. Morning came and still felt the same, took parky meds which didn’t make any difference, took 2 paracetamol, went to bed, got up lunchtime feeling same, took 2 paracetamol started to ease muscles a little, felt tired and kept dosing off to sleep, by teatime felt lots better but still not 100%.
Any one has had any same reactions or different? sheffy

Hi @sheffy, Which vaccine did you have? I had the Pfizer one a few weeks ago and had no reaction apart from a sore arm for a few days.


I had the AstraZeneca (oxford) one Claire, still not fully functional properly but getting there. Got the second one May 6th so I hope it does not react on me the same way! :woozy_face: I have had Parkinsons for 10/11 years now and function fairly well otherwise, meds are Ropinirole, Sinimet, Rasagaline, half sinimet. Thank you for replying x

I don’t have any figures for it but I’ve heard more stories of people having a bad reaction to the AstraZeneca vaccine. I don’t have a 2nd appointment yet but expect it to be in April sometime. I’ve had Parkinsons for 5 years and things are going ok so far. I’m on sinemet and rasagiline.

Thanks for replying Clare, bet I won’t be able to have a different vaccine for the second jab, so lt Iooks as if I will have to grin and bear it, but at least I know what to expect! It might have made a difference with all the medication I am on - but they can’t get it right for everyone I suppose can they :roll_eyes: - not looking forward to 2nd one! :woozy_face:

sheila x