Cramp in the morning

Does anyone have any tips to stop cramp? Used to get it now and again but now every morning when my body wants to stretch I get terrible cramp in both legs.

I’m not due to see my Consultant for a few months so any tips or dietary advise would be helpful.


Hi @Margs1,

I’m sorry to hear your muscle cramps have been more frequent as of late. Many of our community members experience either muscle cramps or dystonia, so I do genuinely hope some of them reach out to offer their advice and share their experiences!

We have an info page on cramps that you can check out, as well as many forum threads that discuss cramping and ways to alleviate them. You may find something in there that will work for your legs. :slight_smile:

You are also more than welcome to reach out to our helpline on 0808 800 0303 - our advisers will be able to provide some recommendations as well!

Best wishes,
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@Margs1 Yes I was and to some degree getting I still get excruciating cramps in both calf muscles and both heels feel as if someone is trying to shove a hot poker up through to my leg. They were so bad that they would wake me up and it was / is then impossible to get back to sleep and extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to get out of bed.

I had tried lots of suggestions, I have seen on other links all to no avail, so I contacted my neurologist via his email and he arranged for the PD nurse to come out and see me. Following her visit I was prescribed Baclofen 10mg before bed. I saw my neurologists on 24 September and though greatly improved I am still getting the cramps and burning sensation.
He has order several nerve test for both legs and my left arm & hand (unrelated issue but I drop things and can no longer make a fist). Once he has had these test results back which take place on 13 October, if they show no other underlying issues for the cramps, (which I do get at other random times throughout the day as well) he will look to increase the dosage of the Baclofen.
I suggest that you contact your neurologist and or PD nurse to discuss the issue. Good luck in trying to get to the bottom of why and what is the best treatment for you. Best wishes John

Thanks John I am seeing my neurologist in November for my yearly check so will discuss it with him. Unfortunately we do not have a Parkinsons nurse in this area anymore.

All the best John.

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