Hi all.

In the early hours of this morning i slowly woke because i became aware of muscle tightening in my left leg (same side as affected by Parkinsons). I was in pain, excruciating pain. I put my foot on the floor but i couldn't put my heel down and i couldn't walk. My muscles were so tight and i couldn't do anything to relieve this.

This went on for 5-10 mins before i was able to walk and felt ok to get back in bed again. It's not the first time i have experienced this but thankfully it does not happen often. Does anyone know why this happens or if there is anything i can do to relieve this?

Hi John,

I used to suffer with terrible cramp like you describe. Also horrendous muscle spasms round my ribs. I took quinine tablets in the night, for the cramp, but it made my tinnitus worse. However, since I started putting a tsp. of Chia seeds on my cereals, in the mornings, I no longer get cramp at night or during the day. Worth a try anyway. Hope it works for you too, as I can understand the pain you are going through :(


Hi John,

I get the same cramping you have experienced regularly, even though my symptoms are on the left side i get cramp in both my feet often at the same time. My recent visit to consultant suggested not eating high protein before taking tablets as it can effect the absorption and also if suffer from constipation, since her advice i now take my meds on empty stomach, it has helped a lot. Hope this helps.


My PD Therapist suggested Tomato juice about hour and half before going to bed as a cure. She also suggested Tonic Water (without the Gin !)  during the night if cramps did return. This worked for 6 weeks of almost blissful sleep, but i fear cramps may be returning. I also do some mild leg stretches before turning in. Somebody else mentioned that you need to be careful which tonic water you buy as some have more quinine than others and so far that from Schweppes seems the best. (i gather very few actually contain quinine, but rely on a quinine derivative)

I had this once (I thought I was  having a stroke!!) when my neupro patch had fallen off unbeknownst to me.


I believe there are two kinds of continuous release Sinemet tabs and also of other drugs.  Ap drop in the amount of dopamine in the bloodstream could be the culprit.  No doobt otheers willl suggest some more remedies.

Hi John

I had cramps(dystonia)like you report intialy when I was DX in 2010.I hardly ever get them now at length since I started c/l treatment.I do get painful twitchs in my body now which leads to jerking and body twisting.My doctors are puzzled by these movements some call them tics,some myoclonus.Oh well I'm functional,went snowmobiling yesterday,not bad for 68 yr old parky,eh,haha

keep up your attitude as PD is a slow mover lots of time to enjoy the best in life.Just control your inclinations and avoid conflicts and life will be a dream,a good one haha



PS I posted a video here take a look




Hi John

I too suffer bad cramps especailly first thing in the morning.

I was diagnosed in 2011. Sometimes stsnding on tiptoe helps or maybe a good long soak in the bathtubuf