Cramping and spasms

Hi everyone. i was diagnosed with PD in 2021 and have experienced many of the common symptoms. However, lately I have developed very painful cramping in my left arm periodically. I don’t recall any sprain or injury that could be the cause so I am wondering is it PD related. When I turn my arm in a particular direction the cramping can be excruciating. It’s as if my arm goes into spasms. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

Hi Boomerang83,

The major cause of muscles cramping is lack of potassium.
The common myth is that it is not enough salt, that is incorrect.
I am a scuba Dive Master, and as you can imagine if you cramp underwater it coulld be disasterous, so we had to learn how to avoid them.
One of the best ways to ‘get’ potassium is have a banana every day.
Please try that.
You could also, of course, take potasium tablets to start.
PD may add to the situation but I’m not aware of that.
I’m sure one of our great moderators or someone on the group can help.

You may be developing dystonias. Probably worth talking to your neurology team. I hope it settles down.#

Hi Boomerang83,

Podd is absolutely correct.
However I do know that both Dystonia and PD are, in most circumstances, treated with the same medication.
It may be advisable to talk to your Neuro if you are already on the medication.
What may also help is, I that found with my dystonia I go for botox injections about every 3 months and that does make an enormous difference.
We really hope you find a way to obviate this.