Please can anybody help ? My Mum gets bad cramps in the night and struggles with getting up to stretch it out , are there any supplements or natural remedies Mum can take to alleviate the cramping .
Many thanks in advance for any ideas.


Hi, I too suffer with cramping - but mine is in my stomach up to around my ribs. I spoke with my Parkinson Nurse and am now waiting for a specialist Physio appointment. In the mean time the physio at my PD gym class has suggested laying face down on the bed or floor. It does help until I bend forward and back it comes. I have no idea how long it will be before I get my appointment but will keep an eye on what comes up - someone may have something to help.

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I was recommended magnesium supplements for aching legs during the night but I’m not sure it’s cramp.

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Hello Kiwispirit
My cramps years back came on it the middle of the night. My doctor tried adding a slow time release sinemet at bedtime. It did help allot. But now I am as the disease has progressed been getting some distonia in my foot. The problem can be a guessing game sometimes. It might help to give the times the cramps happen. I also would mention the nsaids over the counter. In my case I have some kidney issues and am not allowed to take certain meds. My blood flow through my kidneys is at 57%. Hope your mum finds some relief. Tom PWP

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My husband has been taking magnesium supplements (high strength - magnesium citrate - for a couple of years now and they have helped enormously with night time cramps in his legs. Also eating bananas and drinking tonic water seem to have a positive effect.

I think all persons are different and evryone respons different on medication and supplements.
I know vitamine D is very important, check it in a blood test with yoour docter. if its lower than 30 , take 2000ui a day extra, till june. than after the summer start it up again evryday.
No alcohol, no coffee, little meat, lot of greenfood, everymorning fresh made soup is very good
Lots of water and keep moving, stretching etc
good luck.

On the Hairy Bikers Mediterranean cooking programme recently there was an item from Majorca where they were speaking to Nadal’s nutritionalist who said that eating 12 almonds a day was good for easing cramps. It worked for me and I hope it works for your Mum.

Tell your mum to get on Quinine from her up,bye.

GP ,sorry for the spelling mistake,bent fingers,bye.