Cramps in arm

Hi my husband has pd he gets cramps in his left arm has any one any suggestions for this would quinine help ?

Has no one any suggestions to help with cramps in arm he gets pain elbow is that an injury or parkinsons he is in constant pain just want things sorting for my oh the nurses are so slow at getting back to you x 

Hi jo

Have just read your post havent been on the forum for a while, have you been to see your gp he/She might be able to suggest something for the cramps and the pain in his elbow, the pain in the elbow might not be connected with pd but i could be wrong because i had pain in my elbow and it was tennis elbow which my gp suggested physio which worked for me dont always wait for the pd nurses to get intouch having said that i find that my gp doesnt understand the meds for pd and in that respect i would get the pd nurses advise but in your hubbys case i would see your gp first for something for the pain, as i am a bit late in answering this post hopefully your hubby is feeling better best wishes sue.


Cant really suggest anything for the cramps but i do suffer something similar in my foot , its just goes very stiff and rigid and i have no control over it , but it does subside after a few minutes, i had a course of physio and hydro to help with it has not cured it but def helped, my neuro thinks it is dystonia , but did not know if it was  directly linked to the pd or the medication  that was causing it  sorry cant be more helpful

Thanks Shelly any input at all his wrist seems a little easier since on 10 mg requip just hope he gets less cramps as well x

Hello jo h

         I have pain in both elbows PD induced and I can only use Parrotseathemall, as every other painkiller known to man either makes me sick, causes terrifying visions or zonks me out for the day, or makes me violent. yes you read it right,, VIOLENT,,, me,my dear wife was on day release from looking after old fed and so she had asked one of the few friends I have left   (   either dead dying moved away or think BLACKHEART IS CATCHING  like flu, )  to call and baby sit while she ventured forth into the wall of human flesh that is Newcastle on a Saturday,or The Metro Centre two days before Christmas, terrifying, Im digressing again when  my mate told me that he had agreed to sit with me only if she would  spend 3 or 4 hrs  as his sex slave...he was joking of course , but I happen to know that if he got the chance he would like nothing better than Humping my lovely lady for a few hrs, we used to work together a  lot, for 18yrs in fact and the number of times he has dropped hints,, nudge  nudge wink wink ,is she a goer, does she like it sir,,oooh   ooooh suits you sir, sorry  sorry  I HAVE BEEN WATCHING THE FAST SHOW,ill calm down soon, when my friend of,well 51 yrs told me what he wanted, well lets just say within 1hr he was in casualty we just could not stop his nose bleeding,it was the most ferocious right hander, I COULD HAVE KILLED HIM, and appologised profusely he accepted my reget was genuine  " it wasnt" especially when I told him I had  been taking CO CODAMOL for the pain, A young lady Doctor had over heard our conversation and asked if I was taking any other drugs, well when I jotted down a list of 10 diffrent medicines not to mention creams soluble capsules, occasionally, only occasionally mind, in fact I have not occasioned for two  years or more, in the partaking of happy backy, and do you know that was the most    effective  but I was warned by my daughters husband who is a senior officer  in NORTUMBRIA POLICE  that the chap who was supling me was under surveilance, he was a major supplier apparently, so that was Nice,,,," Ill get mee coat,

 please forgive  my drifting so far off course, I was only intending a short note you must think Im a little odd people have been telling me that for years, Unlucky Alf , unlucky Fed, the one and the same,so off I go to rest my 4 brain cells.

                                 May the slumbers you have are peacefull and painfree for all         Fed

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i get a lot of tension in my left forearm due to pd. i would recommend an early check with a specialist in physical medicine to check there is no injury or damage, whether  caused by pd or other reason. Follow-up would depend on the result. If pd alone ( and isnt that enough?) a regular regime of stretching and gentle exercise + regular physio could help.good luck


Visit a doctor, but you can consult a magnetic therapy with a doctor, here is an article. It helped my father, he had a device from this site, but you can buy one on Amazon, mby they are even cheaper.

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