Hi all --does anyone have tips on how to prevent severe cramps in bed at night ? I am suffering from cramping muscles which wake me during sleep at night, calve muscle ,front of leg , foot arch and toes can be affected.
Before my drug regime began (mirapex & amantadine), the only thing that helped me was to get out of bed and weight bear for a few minutes. Fortunately, the drugs took care of that symptom.

Good luck; those cramps can be miserable.
Hi jdj and wpgchap,

Last year we updated our information sheet on sleep and night-time problems in Parkinson's. This includes a section on dystonia which can occur during the night and disrupt sleep.

You can download the publication for free here:

If you think that this is what might be happening, you can also have a chat with one of our Parkinson's nurses on 0808 800 0303.

Hi jdj.

I too suffered from bedtime cramps which woke me throughout the night until I was prescribed Clonazepan. I take one 500micro at night and, as well as preventing cramps, it makes the vivid dreams less troublesome.

It has certainly made a big difference to my night's sleep..I often still wake with cramp but only first thing in the morning when it is time to get up.

I hope you manage to get this prescribed and it makes a difference. BEST WISHES/
Thanks for info -- I think I probably need a medication review and will contact my Consultant .Booklet is very helpful Ezinda.
i find magnesium and calcium together help. pretty cheap. take magnesium with food or gives you the runs!