Cranial osteopathy

Has anyone tried cranial osteopathy for pd symptoms , I have bad neck pain and posture problems due , I thought ,to pd. Went to see osteopath and he said 3 vertibre out of place , now I can remember hitting head only when I was a child , had one whiplash car accident . He couldnt say if it was because of this I had neck pain , he did 2 clicks this time and hell do 3rd next time. Felt much better , he also did a little cranial with me and found the pulse weak to my brain , after clicking the pulse was stronger , I am now very interested to see what he will pick up on the cranial on the rest of ME!!!!
This man is very humble and not in it for the money , he is writing a book and writing an article , he seemed very calm and said he isnt promising anything .
Anyone had cranial osteopathy before? Please let me know if it was good or bad , but Im going to give him a try and see what comes from it .
Hi Ponco
I have been going to a Cranial Osteopath for several years & the treatment definitely helps me. I am not sure it helps everybody - we're all different & respond to various treatments.
I would most definitely recommend trying it to see how it works for you. Like most alternative therapies it does take time to get used to, and don't expect a miracle cure, but every little helps!
Good luck
Regards Gooner.
Hello Ponco,

Many thanks for telling us about cranial treatment I have a friend with pd who has quite bad neck problems so I will get him to try it, I have a couple of alternative treatments for my back condition which had I not I know I couldn't have looked after my husband for so many years, Keep well
best wishes
Hi, may not be the exact same thing but I've been seeing a cranio-sacral physiotherapist for a while and what she doesn't know about fixing bad backs or anything spinal is nobody's business. Always worth trying the outer fringes of therapies. Yeah it's not the same thing but linked so worth mentioning.
Thankyou for replies , when looking into cranial osteopathy pd comes up often , I know its not a cure but the general idea of it sounds logical. Its a shame that the nhs does not support this sort of practice and all alternative medicene .