Sad to see RED 4 go down today. This is the Red Arrows' Flt Lt Jon Egging, pronounced dead at the scene at the Bournemouth Air Show.

That is terrible news. They are all such wonderful flyers. My heart goes out to his family and the other members of the team.

Very sad indeed may he rest in peace
So young, so sad. God bless and hold you close
Saw the wonderful displays yesterday at the show.
Perfect precision and accuracy.
He died , using skilful steering, saving lives in houses and a nearby theme park.
This present minute in our lives is all we can be sure of.
A couple of days ago it was floods. What on earth is going on in Bournemouth?
Hi Ray and all,
Just got back from final day of Air show. Hugely impressed with spectacle and sharing of sadness of yesterday. Grief, but coupled with a sense of awe of the background of many of the pilots taking part. Many having previous service in Afghanistan and other war zones.
A wonderful demonstration of a spirit of keep going , even more so , when it's probably the last thing some of the pilots felt like doing today.
Be thankful for lives saved through a man's unselfishness and sacrifice.
This week-end is one which I will long remember.