Critical Illness Cover Claims

Hi - does anyone have any advice/support on making critical illness claims? Has anyone been successful?

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Qualification for claiming critical illness cover with Parkinson’s can vary between insurers, so it’s important to read through the criteria and proof required in your policy documents.

Other members have previously posted on this topic too, with varying experiences and some useful advice, you can read their posts here

You may also want to take legal advice or advice from a financial adviser about your claim if you are unsure about claiming.

If you make a claim and aren’t happy with the decision, your insurer should have their own review and complaints procedure, however if you disagree with the outcome of this you can also raise a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service:

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I was lucky and unlucky.
I had an old policy with AXA that covered me for critical illness which paid out with no problem post diagnosis.
We had bought a new bungalow about 4 months before diagnosis when I tried to claim critical illness cover on the top up on the mortgage Legal and General refused to pay as I’d had nerve conduction tests two years before and had not disclosed them due to the fact they had come back negative.
Make sure you have all the relevant information and get your solicitor or financial advisor to check it over.

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Very similar to MGB66. My L&G policy was 18 years old and they paid out - the process was fairly straightforward - claimed in September 19 paid out in January 20. My Vitality policy claim is still outstanding. Only took it our 18 months before diagnosis - they’ve written to Neurologist 3 times and now GP twice. They’re querying non disclosure of phone call my wife made to order a prescription for tablets to ease symptoms of Vertigo - even though I didn’t have ‘Vertigo’ at the time. They will look for any reason to delay / avoid payment. Luckily ombudsman is free