Critical Illness Insurance

I’ve recently begun to experience symptoms and following a referral to a neurologist, I am now waiting a datscan to rule out or confirm PD.
Like many, I had critical illness when I first took out a mortgage, which has since lapsed. Now I’m 52 and in view of current position, I’m not sure if it’s worth seeking a new critical illness policy given that it might not pay out. That said, I have not been diagnosed yet so where do I stand, bearing in mind that my symptoms are very minimal at present and suggests that if it is PD, it is very early stages.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Cannot say for certain but even if you’re not confirmed as having parkinson’s insurance conpanies will try and wiggle out of payment. My guess is they won’t pay. Best to contact one of the firms and discuss with them. As a byline i worked as a paramedic abd it was suggested that i took out critical cover. Most firms refused immediately, of those that offered cover (3) payments were very high and cover was extremely limited. You might find that some companies will offer very limited cover for exorbitant monthly payments.

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Hi there. We had critical illness for 20years but a couple of years ago, we changed to a new insurance provider. When filling out the new application, it asked if there were any health changes or symptoms, even if we had not seen a doctor about them. They also asked us to list anything different that we might have noted with our health. At the time, we were both perfectly fine and a new policy was issued. The fact that you have already attended your GP and are awaiting a scan, you would need to declare that. It would be up to the insurer whether they would provide you with a new policy. Good luck with your scan results.

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Thanks for that, it makes perfect sense that they would question any current symptoms. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, should have renewed it when it expired when I was perfectly fit and well!!