Critical Illness insurance

Any advice would be really appreciated. I've a Critical Illness policy which doesn't cover me until I meet a set of conditions around permanent disability. 

A while ago some forum members reported their policies as paying out on diagnosis of Parkinsons and suggested I check out the FSA best practise that suggests just this and to see if my insurer had adopted the FSA guidelines.

I've done that now, have a letter confirming definitions - unchanged. So that's that, I just have to leave it.

Before I put it to one side though I thought I'd just come back to the forum to see if anyone has experienced differently with a Countrywide Assured policy. I'm grasping at straws I know, but it's an important piece of the financial jigsaw as I am reaching a crossroads on ill health retirement. I took the policy out over 20 years ago - and I guess I simply have to reconcile myself about the lack of Parkinson's cover for the time being instead of fretting away at it.

Just because I'd like it to be different, doesn't make it so!


Hi I'm new on this site but I can only tell you my experience.

If you are covered for Total permanent disability I was told by my insurance company that I could receive the pay out if I finished work. ~However I looked again about  2 yrs later to realise that I had not checked properly and I wasn't covered for total permanent disability.

The point is that until there is a cure Parkinson's is a permanent total disability, therefore you should have a pay out. 


I am a financial adviser and might be able to offer some help. If you want to have a chat or send me details let me know. Here to help.


Thank you We hadn't checked out the form properly and thought it had us covered but it didn't.

I tried at the time to have them pay out but no joy.


If you still think you can help just send me your email

Spuddy - I wondered if I could ask you for your expert view too. Would you mind?

Saddlers are you with HSBC by any chance. I finally got a payment after 16 months from point of claim. not easy going though x


I am with Countrywide Assured. Pleased you've won through, I expect it will make a huge difference - although it would have been better without the battle! Did you have a permanent disability clause to deal with too? Any tips ?



Hi Saddlers. I just kept them informed of my bad days. I told them I felt I was being unfairly discriminated against if they were going to use how I was medicated. That also meant they were taking away my choice Choice of being on meds or not. To be fair HSBC were fantastically helpful. We focused on PD being progressive and I asked if they were waiting for me to have o quality of ljfe left before they would pay out. Hope this helps Neenag x