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I have looked into the cue1 development by Charco Nero and spoke to them and they are releasing hopefully in the next couple weeks and also read some of there volunteers on there website Charco Nero and asked if it would be safe with my Deep brain stimulation device in my chest and they advise me it should be safe as they had a person with dbs and it improved some off his symptoms 16% but they never had long enough to say his walking changed but they will be looking at more data and advise me to check with my model dbs medtronic as all people are different ! .I’ve put myself on waiting list it’s got to be worth ago as no surgical action is required .Also you can use app with cue1 to alert you of medication times and how it’s working. It’s fairly priced .I would like to know if pduk any comments.

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Hi @gus, :wave:t5:

Apologies for our delayed response on this. It seems as though your query may have unintentionally slipped off our radar.

I have passed your query onto my wider team and will revert back to you as soon as I have more information to share.

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Any information on this yet please

Hi @Lainer, :wave:t5:

Quite a few of my colleagues were away for the Christmas break so there was a delay in getting this information for you - my sincerest apologies for this.

The Cue 1 device uses vibration to see if it can help manage some of the symptoms of Parkinson’s. It has been developed by a company called Charco Neurotech which has worked with people living with Parkinson’s to develop the product.

While people with Parkinson’s have been involved in developing and testing the device, there have not yet been any clinical trials of the device. Through bigger and objective studies we’ll be able to understand whether it is widely beneficial to people with Parkinson’s, what the specific benefits are and how long they last.

As a charity, we can only recommend treatments or devices that have been through this rigorous level of testing, showing clear benefits to people with Parkinson’s. As such, we cannot currently recommend the Cue1 to the Parkinson’s community, but have encouraged Charco Neurotech to seek funding (including through Parkinson’s UK) to do these studies.

However, if individuals wish to try the device they can sign up to the waiting list to buy a Cue 1 device on the Charco Neurotech website. We understand the product will cost in the region of ÂŁ300. We strongly recommend that you discuss it with your health care team before using any new device or treatment.

I hope you find this information helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I bypassed the 6-9 month wait for a CUE 1 by searching on Ebay. I was able to buy a nearly new CUE1 for ÂŁ350. It came boxed with spare adhesive patches and instructions. Plus I get all the support from the Charco website if I need it. Just a thought for those who dont want to wait!

How are you getting on with cue1 has it made any difference