Does anyone have any recent experience or views on parkinsons care in south cumbria. My father has had PD since 2015. He hasnt seen anyone face to face, a nurse or a consultant for getting on for a year. Ive found out this week there is no consultant at the moment, and the nurse is on long term absence. Ive been advised to try and get a referral for him to north cumbria but god knows how long that will take. The care and service he has received over the past probably 2 years has been sub standard in my opinion just wondered if anyone else feels the same.

I have had more success in the past by requesting an appointment via e-mail. The e-mail address is [email protected]. Cant guarantee that you will get a reply -if not, put in an official request via your GP.

Thanks Gerrard. Yes ive been told to put in a request via his GP and am seeing him later on today.