There was this article last week that showed curcumin avoided alpha-synuclein agregates and even unfolded misfolded alpha-synuclein. I started searching and found interesting data: (--> curcumin helps depression by increasing serotonine and dopamine and growing new neurons) (--> curcumin made people with Alzheimer better)

There is a form of bio-available curcumin, called BCM-95. I wonder why I am not able to find any preclinical tests of BCM-95 on rodents with PD ?  


Do you know what doses were given?

First off all, beware that curcumin can lead to problems if you are on certain meds:

I don’t know what the dosages are, but I found a recent study performed on healthy people. They took 90 mg of curcumin twice a day. And the results were very good.