Curled Toes

I saw my PD consultant today and when leaving he noticed my toes as I had open sandals and mentioned that he saw signs of my toes curling. I have been having a lot of problems with my toes and developing hard skin at the ends which causes pain and more problems walking. Just looked this up and it is a recognised symptom although never heard of it before. Anyone else suffer this?
I too have several problems with curled toes, especially getting shoes to fit, I have quite a collection of shoes trying to get ones that are not too old fashioned and grannie! I have spent a fortune to shoes! No answer it seems, although I am attending my local Podiatry clinic and have had three injections into the worst toe that is injections. PM

Injections in your toes???? How awful. did they help?

I have "curling toes" on what I call my PD side. I can only uncurl them manually. I remember mentioning this during an A&E exam pre PD dx. Not a lot of notice was taken. And consultants have never mentioned let alone looked at toes. Perhaps toes are not considered important? Mine are to me.
hello all I have one curled toe which i thought was arthritis, never connnected it to my pd and have also spent a fortune trying to find comfy shoes (never found any) but have found gel pasters which stop my toe from rubbing against my shoe relieving the pain and allowing me to keep my shoes on for more than 10 mins bliss k
The toes on my right foot have curled. My PD nurse tells me it is distonia.
I have problems finding shoes that are comfortable and it is sometimes quite painful. I think I shall have to get a podiatry appointment.
I have this problem too and find stretching exercises help lengthen the muscles.I also notice it is connected to medication wearing off and referred to as "off dystonia"

Take a look at this info sheet. It explains very well why toe curling happens and how it can be helped.
info sheet very helpful thanks k
:grin: thanks for all the replies and especially the fact sheet. Now I know its PD related I can now throw my ballet shoes away!!!!LOL
My wife found that these toe props really helped. The podiatrist and other clinicians didn't seem to know about them. The toe-curling is a bit like developing hammer toes and these helped so much that they reduced the formation of the painful corns on the ends of the toes. They are cheap if you buy them online; Scholls, or whatever it is now, charge several times more, if you can find them.
woke this mornin with curled toes ,cramps in the back of my calfs also ,is there any conection to it ,all i new it ......... hurt:rolling_eyes:
Hi all I've had operations to straighten all my toes remove a bunion and toes pinned to relieve corns,on my right foot These operations have been done over 4 yrs and they are very painful procedures plus weeks on crutches.AlthougH they have been successful,I am now starting to get pain in my big toe again which I am having injections for,Previous to this i tried everything fitted shoes ,insoles ect ,in the end surgery was my only option
Yes Ali J I think the toe curling does cause cramps . The calf muscles shorten and because of the poor posture its what cause people to have Sciatica .

My husbands wakes up with awful pains underneath his heel I think it is all connected .
How do you find a podiatory clinic these days ??
Most hospitals have one Johnnie. Your GP should be able to point you in the right direction.
Thank you
I am not sure if the symtom I have is what you describe as toe curling, but I clench my toes when walking and have developed a bunion. Neuro says it is a classic pd symptom.

I have a bunion, hammer toes, wide front foot and narrow heel, low arches but none of that matters with the construction of orthofeet's shoes. I used to have pain in my heels and balls of my feet but no more. Yesterday I walked 7 miles and didn't come home with that "I can't wait to get these shoes off" feeling you get with other brands. They start off comfortable and stay comfortable. Thank you!!!!

Yes it's called distonia some get it worse than others mine was so bad I had to have dbs for it (deep brain stimulation surgery) it can be corrected if it gets really bad with the apomorphine injections.

Most of us over 65 are vitamin D inadequate or even deficient. D3 is a hormone and a really hot area of biomed research. Youll be hearing a lot about it from me over the next months. You can self help with a good read of this site as well as this section on D3 and PD

For £28 City Labs in Birmngham will measure your blood D3 through the post.

There are many effects of D3 lack that are not related to PD. That wiki site will help you decide. As D3 controls about 2% of our genes - several hundreds - a lack can have a wide spectrum of ill effects.
One capsule of D3 ( 2000 IU) costs about 3p. I took 1 per day and raised blood level to 100nmol/L