Cutlery and adapted plates

My mum has had Parkinson’s for 14 years and is now becoming a messy eater, can anyone recommend where to buy the plates with a lip on one side that stops food falling of the plate…… but not horrible plastic plates please. Can anyone also suggest useful cutlery that actually works and is a reasonable price? Thank you

Hi alih

Try amazon, Feeding aids, You can buy nice plate Guards . They fit around the any plate and stop food falling off.
Also sure you can find a shop on here too, or point you in right direction .

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Hello alih

This link is for general information on the Parkinson’s UK site which may help

Esme is quite right, plate guards are a quick and inexpensive way of solving a common problem. Personally though I always prefer something that doesn’t shout ‘disability’ I can’t say these necessarily totally do that but their design is I think more acceptable. I refer to contoured or scoop plates. A lot are plastic but you can get some in melamine which look and feel nicer. They do the same job as a plate guard essentially scooping the food up the sloped side helps get it on to the utensil.

Re cutlery. If she has tremor weighted cutlery can help this.

This spoon is self-levelling ie the bowl of the spoon stays level whatever the angle of the bowl.


There are also combined spoon and fork/ knife and fork that some find helpful, if there is a shop which sells equipment for disability it is worth gong on to see what they have.

Finally there are probably other online companies that offer this but the one I know of is Complete Care where you can get advice from an occupational therapist

I hope something in this lot helps.
Good luck