Cutting Food

Does anyone else have trouble cutting food with parkinsons. My parkinsons is on my left side. I find it difficult to hold my fork in my left hand while cutting my food with my right. lately I have had to ask my husband to cut my food up for me. I also find that I grip too tighly with my left hand. have a look at the section on cutlery it may be of some help...Lloyds the chemist stock the catalogue and sell some of the things...
Hi Gloriana,

I bet there are loads of us who have this problem. I haven't found a solution either! Perhaps a 21st century knife sharpener to make the cutting part easier and quicker? My good left hand is worn out compensating for my right one. I just grit my teeth and persevere and, if all else fails, I ask someone to do it for me. It's the lack of strength in the hand and the muscle rigidity in the arm doing the cutting that makes it so difficult for me.

Preparing meals is when I really get annoyed - chopping or slicing food is such a chore and it wears me out. I can only do this with my right hand. I'm sure I'd invest in some kitchen gadgets if I was cooking for a family but there's just the two of us at home now so I do things the old-fashioned way. But if anyone can recommend any gadgets, go right ahead.
Hi Gloriana. I find a good sharp steak knife helps. I also have a "spork" This is a fork that has a cutting edge and so doubles as a knife.

If you possibly can, go along to the Naidex exhibition. This is on at the NEC in Birmingham on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of May. There are all sorts of aids and adaptations on show, including specialist cutlery.
Hi Gloriana I`m so pleased you brought this up, I have awful problems using a fork. It`s got to the point when i go to a restaurant I tend to order sloppy food e,g, curry/casseroles/risotto etc... My husband is always willing to cut my food up but it is rather embarrassing :flushed:.

Also has any one else found they can stir drinks anti clockwise but not clockwise? (that`s with my good side). I also struggle putting face cream on and brushing my teeth........we just take every day things for granted until we find we can`t do them any more!

C x :confused:
hi gloriana, I too have trouble cutting my food. This afternoon at my ESA medical I mentioned this to the doctor. She suggested buying a piece of pipe lagging and fitting it to my cutlery. maybe this would help you too. Pat
I give my husband smaller lighter cutlery and wrap rubber bans around the handles lol works for him .....
Thank you for all the suggestions, I am going to look into what I can get or if all else fails stick to soup!!!
To Big C

I do not know about stiring but when I brush my hair with my right (good) hand, my left goes bananas, swinging everywhere. The body is a funny machine
Hi Gloriana that`s just like me when i rub body lotion with my good arm my left side goes berserk! its not just shaking but twitching and moving with a mind of its own.:imp:

The body sure is a strange machine!:exclamation:

Big C