Cycling - how long and how much effort

I have read a number of web pages discussing the merits of Cycling exercise as a tool to at least slow down the rate at which
Parkinson’s might develop.
One such page suggested 45 minutes with a cadence of 80 rpm, with no mention of Max .heart rate.
I am currently cycling at 70 rpm cadence with max heart rate in the 80% area. I could change the gear/s I am currently cycling with to an easier gear and meet the 80rpm cadence suggested but as it is with an easier gear the max heart rate would be lower than I currently achieve.
I would be interested to hear what cadence and heart rate others are using.


Dear ev, I am a retired PE Science teacher (66) diagnosed in 2014 I am on azilect and madopar. I ride on my bike, set up on a kinetic rolling road 40 minutes a day, whilst watching TV. I did this initially when I saw a study about 40 minutes high cadence cycling slowing PD progression. However later they found improvement was very temporary. I do it now for heart health and the fact that exercise is good for well being when you have PD. I suggest ANY exercise you enjoy and can do safely whilst battling the PD symptoms of apathy and fatigue is beneficial, good luck.

ps Check out YouTube for PD exercise vids, it’s a gold mine.

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Thanks for your response Gary,
I am, diagnosed in .March this year. Although looking back it has been creeping up on me over a good period of time. I am on Sinemet 12/50 two tablets three times a day.
I too enjoy cycling, although my rIght side balance is not good enough to let me safely ride on the road. Which leaves me set up on my basic turbo, however, audio books and podcasts keep my mind occupied and off the struggle to keep the legs turning, some days easier the others.

Hi @ev I do 4-8 hours cycling a week. I don’t worry about cadence and don’t have a heart rate monitor. I just cycle fast or slow depending on how I’m feeling and if I am late. :laughing:

I cycle with groups (not cycling clubs, just groups of like minded people who enjoy cycling). There are lots of groups that use run by British Cycling. The groups I cycle with stick to off-road or very quiet roads. Meeting and chatting with people also helps my mental state.

Thank you Pcyc,
Ideally I would back on the road again, always enjoyed the coffee and cake stops, however it will not be until I can ride without balance concerns, getting there slowly. Until then it will be the turbo trainer.

Enjoy your rides,

Hi, I live in cape Town South Africa and was diagnosed about 18 months ago now.
I cycle about 2-3 times a week, but only about 12-15kms/ 7.5-9.5 kms at a time along the beachfront, and usually fairly easy rides.
I do find it does help me relax and then the ‘tremors’ are less.
I also go to gym twice a week and do find that the exercise does definately help with my symptoms.

Hi Clive,
It must be nice cycling along the beach front, I live close to the beach also, however probably no where as sunny as your rides.


Why do you say that?
Where do you live?

I’m really proud of you Ev! Well done!