Hi everyone i am new to this it is my first post so bear with me, since being diagnosed nearly 3 years ago i found because of my slowness of movement that i rapidly gained weight, so last year a friend recommended that i took up cycling.
I bought my bike last year in September a Dawes hybrid bike and i weighed 18stone at the time very overweight although i am 6'5" my weight is now just over 16stone, so as far as weight loss is concerned,the excercise has been beneficial.
I wondered if any other PD sufferers had found cycling beneficial to them.


Very interesting. See my posting on Forced Exercise being good under TREATMENTS.


Good luck


Hi Bedouin

Welcome to the forum.

Great that you've found cycling so beneficial and well done on the weight loss.

I've not ridden a two wheeler for a year or so, instead I thrash it out on a one wheeler (spinning static exercise bike), twice a week.

I do a whole bunch of other exercise and really miss it if I don't do it. I believe any form of exerciseto be highly beneficial.

I'd better read Kenki's link now!!

Good luck, keep on riding and posting


Hi Bedouin
Im also 6ft 4in and have also gained a lot of weight im 20st ,4 years ago i was a 4 times a week man at the gym, i was a fit 16st, ive also bought a bike to try and keep my legs strong, can you tell me how often you use it and for how long,i get a lot of hip and back ache so its the only exersice i can do,my weight gain isnt helped by the fluid retention that i think is caused by the medication, ive had tests that are ok .As if pd isnt enough i find my weight very depressing, im 60 and hand on heart i dont overeat, but im very imobile at present, well done in losing 2 stone

Hi ParkyPete,
I arise at 4am every morning because of my slowness of movement it takes about an hour to get ready and i leave about 5am, i have been cycling just over 5 miles a day, and i have 6 hills to go up 3 of em absolute killers. I was averaging 40minutes but now can do it in 30, but this week i increased my mileage to 7.5miles and it takes me 40minutes, i can do all this quite easily because at that hour i don't have to manouver around traffic.
Because i am training for the pedal for parkinsons end to end ride on the Oxford to Milton Keynes stage i shall be increasing my distance every week.
If you lived where i live in north east London i would gladly go out cycling with you ParkyPete but you would have to be an early riser,lol,Bedouin,:wink:

Hello Bedouin
Id certainly have to get up early, (though thats not a problem having PD ). As i live in Birmingham,i dont cycle anywhere near that much,hills are a no no, just the flat for me, i thank you for your reply, and say i admire what your doing,good luck to you, and give me the chance to donate a few quid when you do your pedal for parkinsons ride,Its strange the workout i used to hate was the 20mins on the bike, and its all i can do now, O well keep pedaling mind the traffic, and up the Villa PARKYPETE

Hi Parkypete

Where about's in Birmingham do you live. I live in Kingsbury (near Tamworth), not far from Drayton Manor Park, oh, and Bodymoor Heath!!! The water park is on my doorstep, 10 minutes walk from my door I can be in the middle of the park.

By the way - up the Villa!!




Hello SallyB
I live in acocks green just a few miles down the coventry rd from the N E C and AIRPORT, You live in a very nice area, i used to go there often,havnt been since Mr Parky raised his head, but i must make the effort to go again this spring, im a season ticket holder at the villa,i miss a few games though when i ache to much, I see your a regular on the forum, i read it daily but dont often comment, But i find it very helpfull, you dont feel so alone do you , and some of the advice is so well put over, do you have to come into Bham for treatment???? i go to Solihull

Bye for now PARKYPETE

I cycle a short distance (max 8m out + 8m back)about twice a week and find it easier than walking. When my pills have stopped working and walking is an effort especially lifting the affected leg,the cycling movement is strangely enough not a problem. So far, though, it has done nothing for my weight.....

You are a Star! So refreshing to read an upbeat attitude on this forum....
Happy cycling!
Now, where's my bike?


Hi kenki,

I read the link about forced excerice with great interest. We actually have a tandem but until recently have not been well enough to even try. It seems that you have to do a lot of cycling but my partner is quite game. We will try to build it up gradually and keep everyone posted. I wonder how far or for how long we will have to go for me to notice any effect.

All the best,


G'day Bedouin,

Like you I've put my name down for the 40 mile Oxford to Milton Keynes leg of the 'End to End to End Parkinson's' sponsored 1010 mile cycle jaunt organised by David Greaves.

I will be riding my tricycle since lorries and white vans get fed up having to avoid me sprawled across the road after disengaging with my bicycle! Not to mention the clotted cream, scrambled (organic, free range, non adulterated, large, fair trade)eggs and confused orange squash.

I've not heard back from the organisers as yet but have secured the £200 minimum sponsorship for the 40 mile day picnic.

If anyone would like to sponsor Bedouin or myself and others attempting this tremendous feat, all the money raised goes directly to the final mountain to be breached in the cure of PD, we'd be very grateful.

Our trek is on the 17th June: the complete ride starts at Land's End on 12th June, passing through many Cathedral Cities to John O'Groats on 30th June.

Good luck to the Main Team.

With kindest regards, Cecily.

PS. Please search 'pedalforparkinsons' for more info.

I'd be happy to sponsor you.


I got a bit confused by the date - thought the 40 miler was the 16th. Anyway the plan is to come along for the day with a pal who can keep me on track.
All I've got to do is to work out how to get to Oxford am and back from MK pm!!!

See you there Team

Take Care