I am new to the forum and was diagnosed with PD two years ago aged 47 and have found using my exercise bike and generally keeping fit a huge benefit to how I feel, I recently moved and the bike has been in storage and I have noticed the stiffness and aches and pains returning so have decided to reinstate my fitness regime as soon as possible, oh and it also helps with my sleeping problem because as you can see I am awake at 3am !!

Hello Cherub

It does very little for my sleep problems, but I find it very helpful for aches pains and cramps in dystonic foot.

Hello Mosie
I agree I feel much better if I keep active
I do have terrible problems sleeping and have yet to find a solution

Hi Cherub I find cycling helps me too, my balance is better on a bike than walking and my pd symptoms seems to be less noticeable when I cycle, martin

Hi, Well, yes, I dare say any reasonable form of exercise is good for anyone who may have PD, or not. I used to have an excersise bike,but having had PD for 40 years it didn't really help, getting on it was bad enough. Unfortunately, I have never been able to ride a two wheeler cycle, well except for my brother's,But, I forgot it had drop handle bars and couldn't stop it so I rode into a wall. He wasn't very pleased, can't imagine why!

Hi Cherub,

I have been using an exercise bike twice a week for 30 mins each session, for the past 3 months and it really is making a difference to my PD symptoms. It doesn't help the balance or the freeze, but everything else is better.

I am certainly going to continue with it.


I like a rowing machine. seems to loosen my back up.

Hi I do 5 mins on exercise bike 3 or 4 times a week plus 30 min walk a day plus stretching. I know exercise is very important for PD but wonder if I should try to do more. Never been a huge exercise fan but have always liked walking, particularly when we had a dog. Happy times. By the way has anyone got a dog since PD diagnosis? My o/h keeps pestering me to get another one but I m a bit nervous of the commitment. Know I would enjoy it though. Sorry gone off cycling topic a bit.

Best wishes


Hi All

If I thought that an exercise bike would help my legs I would go and buy one, but like the canny Scot I am, I will need more information before parting with cash!! Interested to hear your thoughts on this. My legs often feel that they wont hold me up for very long so, standing in queues is a bit of a nightmare for me. I have to choose which shops I go into and shop early morning if I can. I am about to change over medication from ordinary Sinemet to the slow release Sinemet . My PD Nurse and Consultant seem to think that my body will benefit from slow release meds.



I find the exercise bike good for my pelvis, back and has increased my stamina. Don t regret buying it at all.

Best wishes


Thanks samdog for your reply. Think I will seriously consider an exercise bike especially as you mention it has increased your stamina.

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Hi Powrie,

You could try a "spinning" - gymnspeak for static sycling - to find out if it would suit you. There is an increasing body of evidence for the benefits of cycling or any other fast paced rhythmic activity . I dragged myself half-asleep the other evening to a class which happens to be in my village due to the leisure centre being re-roofed, and I must say after a half hour session I really felt better. I did not do any of the stand-up/sit-down variations the other younger people did (I'm 73) but I could increase the resistance and do something like the interval training. The time passed quickly so it was not as mind numbing as I feared it might be.