Hello, my husband is going for a cystoscopy tomorrow. Has anyone has this procedure done with PD? Reading about the possible risks is a bit disconcerting especially as his problem isn’t that bad. He’s had an ultrasound scan of his bladder which involved drinking a pint and a half of water then having the scan and then he emptied his bladder and they scanned him again. This revealed he was retaining about 50mls of urine in his bladder. Im sure the consultant wouldn’t order the cystoscopy if it wasn’t necessary, but I’m worried it may have adverse side effects. Hope someone who’s undergone this can reassure me! Thanks… Jean

Hi Jean,

A cystoscopy is a procedure that allows a doctor to examine the urethra and bladder. A tube with a camera attached is inserted in the urethra It basically takes 5-10 minutes.
I’m not sure what side effects you may have been told about, but they are virtually nonexistent in the hands of a competent doctor.
I have had a similar op, with no hassles whatsoever,

Hello Clive and thanks. He had the procedure yesterday and seems ok. I’ve been making him drink a lot of water as suggested. Just have to wait and see what the results reveal. The reason for having it was he was found to be retaining about 50mls of urine after he empties his bladder. I trust all was well after yours. Jean

Hi Jean1,

I’m so glad all went well.
Please, if it is ok with you, let me know the results.

Hi Clive, will do. Not sure how long they take to come back though… Jean

Hi Jean,
How’s it going?

Hello Clive, we had a telephone appointment with the consultant urologist as a follow up from the cystoscopy. The upshot of which is there was nothing of any concern noted within the bladder. He didn’t offer any further treatment so we’re back to square one I suppose. To be honest it was exactly as I thought it would be… As with most of these non-motor symptoms, it is, as per, simply ascribed to Parkinson’s. I often wonder if there’s anything that ISN’T a PD symptom?? So he’ll just keep taking the Mirabegron tablets and continue to watch what he drinks and limit his fluid intake by early evening. Hope you’re doing well. Jean