D d s h


       Hello, the above letters refer to  Dyskinesia   Depression and Severe Headache,of which all driven by PD have me on the rack , its the pain in my head I  cant think straight isnt life fun, I will visit GP if it persists.

                           sorry so short I cant concentrate.


Are you feeling any better now?




   Im improving Casie, thank you, it seems like the rapid fluctuation of mood and deep depression has changed to more lengthy episodes, now I am feeling ill with flu, I always boasted that my immune system was highly effective against flu, and in my 64yrs I have only twice been victim to a real bad attack but this one is shaping up for a battle royal, its so bad its even driven parky into isolation,( I hope it stays there ) , and so the fight goes on  Casie, its heavy going but it will pass, unless my lungs fill up with fluid and, NEWMONIA, sets in of course,,at least it wont be OLDMONIA, now that was a killer wiping out all but two humans, in 1913, they must have been very busy since eh, or very attractive or both even,sorry being silly even when fending off the grim reaper I cant resist it,,silly I mean.

                           Have a lovely Christmas Casie    Best Wishes  FED