Yes I am smiling, why, ,,well yesterday I fitted a new toilet seat , it was easy
to fit and I was 98% up and running so I went ahead and completed the first DIY
task in as long as I can remember, it was an emergency , the seat was broken it has given 18yrs service so cant grumble really , and it was insecure so Beloved purchased one of these fancy ones that slowly lower when, well, when youve completed
whatever it was you needed to do, and It fits perfectly, YEEEESS! i did i fitted it
without help ,I mastered a toilet seat and it submitted and fitted.
Now what shall I fit next year. Fedex
HI FED, WEll Done! I am not sure I could have doneit though.
Great stuff I have had to fit several over the years and they can be a pain at the best of times so its good to know that you have done it, now you can sit back and relax no pun intended