DA strategy


I have emailed PDUK today to ask them to consider supporting a limit on DA dosage

My husband suffered terribly from OCDs whilst being prescribed a massive overdose of Requip XL for years.(36 mgs)

Our lives were ruined and 4 years later he has tried to commit suicide.
I know that his neurologist has recently been prescribing more than the licensed maximum to another patient.
I understand there is nothing illegal in this.
Our Parkinsons nurse tells me that for many years the Bradford Health Authority has banned any doctor from prescribing more than 18 milligrams of Requip XL .The licensed maximum is 24 mg.
They have suffered far fewer catastrophic OCDs in their area.
I want PDUK to consider pressing for this cut-off point in all towns and cities in the UK.
Considering the evidence that reputable organisations such as The Mayo Clinic produced showing that 1 in 3 patients on a therapeutic dose of DAs suffer catastrophic OCDs and 1 in 2 of men under 50, I think it is high time pressure was brought to bear on neurologists who fail to acknowledge the danger they are putting their patients in.

Would anyone care to support it!




Dear goldengirl,

We are looking into the situation in Bradford to see how they managed to establish this there - will get back to everyone when we have more information.

Kind regards,




Any progress,Suma?