Dad can't accept his Parkinson's

Hi there,

My dad has Parkinson’s we went see the Parkinson’s team yesterday at the hospital , They can’t give him any Parkinson’s meds for his stiffness and tremor and walking because of his mental heath, he is on medication for his depression, he can’t accept what has happen to him and he keeps crying and saying he wants to go back to the man he was before Parkinson’s happened.

How can i help my dad come to terms with his Parkinson’s?
Does my dad need more support from the mental health side of things like more support from CPN nurse or counselling.?

Today my dad is bedridden, struggling with constipation and emotional. he been sleeping off and on day. Does anyone here struggle mental with Parkinson’s?

Hello I was sorry to hear of the awful time your dad is having which must be affecting the whole family. There is lots of info about depression in Parkinson’s but your dad’s situation is a little different it seems to me since his medication for depression has affected the decision about his Parkinson’s.
I can’t comment on that as I’m not a doctor or expert. However I did come across this which is an easy read and may help you find some alternatives, it certainly made me think. I hope you find it helps you move forward. I’m so sorry I can’t offer more. I hope someone can help and give you all some hope. Good luck.

Hi @jane1989,

I’m very sorry to hear that your father has been having such a tough time. He’s very lucky to have someone like you in his life right now, and whether or not he is able to show it at the moment, he very much appreciates your help.

@Tot is just the first of many, I’m sure, who will come to share their thoughts and feelings with you - so you never have to feel alone. Please feel safe here to share and rely on the community. They’re a very helpful, supportive, and insightful group.

Our website does have a section on depression that you may find an insight or two in for your father as well as a carer’s guide for yourself. We also have the helpline which you can reach on 0808 800 0303, whether you need someone to chat to or you’re looking for advice. They’re great at what they do so please don’t hesitate to contact them.

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