Dad has Parkinson's


I have been on here before under the same topic title but have moved the thread from carers to treatment.

Unfortunately things seem to be going from bad to worse with my Dad.

Since last writing in July he has threatened to kill my Mum again, filed for divorce, blown up at me and my siblings saying things like it is not his fault his 4 children aren't clever enough or open minded enough to see what is going on and that my Mum has 'poisioned' our minds.

He does not think anything is wrong with him and seems to have an answer for everything.

He has an appoinment with a Psychologist at the Univeristy next week (after being referred by his Consultant) and he says the only raeson that he is going is so he can prove he is not mentally ill.

He seems to think that he can't be paranoid as paranoia isn't selective and the only time my Mum is horrible to him is when they're on their own so he won't even consider paranoia as an option.

I have taken advice form here and showed him this link but I just got a horrible e-mail back.

I have no idea where this is going to end, he is off requip now, but I wonder if things have gone too far for him to ever be able to get back to being him?

Perhaps things were never 100% in my Mum and Dad's marriage but I'm sure she has never done anything to get the punishment she is now recieving.

My sister went to see him at the weekend and he showed her a list of all the times my Mum had been 'horrible' to him.

I hope very much this ends sooner rather than later but it's hard keeping that hope alive as he seems to be able to convince Doctors/police etc that he isn't mentally ill.

Maybe he isn' which case he has just turned into a very nasty man :(

Once again, any shared experiences, similar situations are much appreciated.

Miss Q
Hi Miss Q. Have sent you a PM.