Dad has parkinsons

Hi all, My dad was diagnosed with parkinsons around 3 years ago and so far he only has a tremor in his arm. I have noticed recently that it has started to get worse. He asked me have you noticed my arm has started going abit more but i kind of just brushed it off and said noo it is ok.. because i know he will dwell on it and i dont want him to think about having parkinson more than he already is. I always tell him that in 3 years nouthing has changed.. it luckily hasnt progressed and he he still doing everything he did before parkinsons. Playing golf.driving .going out. It really doesnt affect his social life at all but i can tell he worrys about it.. not that I blame him.he struggles with his sleep and has been prescriped sleeping tablets but wont take them.. anyone got any advice with this ? Im 24 and im his only daughter. I dont live with my dad but see him as much as i can and i alwys try and keep him positive. He does struggle with getting words out sometimes and i just said write the word down that u struggled with and then when u get home try and say wht you ws trying to when know one is around that way he will re inforce that he can say what he means. I dont know does anyone else have any advice with this?? I know the parkinsons will eventually get worse and at the moment particularly struggling with the thought of that and get quite upset by it and run over him dying in my mind even though i know parkinsons doesnt do that to people directly.. I feel like it will be all up to me to look after him which i dont mind hes my dad but i just really dont like the thought of him not being the man ive always known and doing things for himself. I guess im just using this as a platform to express my feelings to people who will understand.. dont know if there are any social groups in the midlands or any younger people who struggle with the same thing. I just want to support him and dont want him to feel worried

Hi Brummie1,

Welcome to the forum - this is a great place to have a chat with other people going through the same thing, and to ask any questions you have.

Please do remember that you are also very welcome to give us a call on 0808 800 0303 - our advisors and nurses will be happy to share advice and information for both of you. It is understandable to feel worried about the future but we can offer support for everyone affected by the condition, including relatives. 

It sounds like you are a great support your Dad, and I'm sure keeping positive makes so much difference to him. Our Helpline can also put you in touch with any local groups near to you too.

Best wishes,

Joanne - Digital team. 

Hi Brummie

Trust me when I tell you that there is life after diagnosis.  I have been diagnosed for 13 years and am now 55.  I still take my dog on long walks, enjoy family activites and lead as normal a life as possible.

Of course, the muscle stiffness takes its toll, but a positive attitude and the will to fight against the symptoms is essential.  PD is not terminal, whilst it can be very dehabilitating, it will not cause death in itself.

I am sure your Dad knows how lucky he is to have you around.  Be strong for him and show him that you dont see him as ill, and that life goes on regardless.  It is more challenging that it used to  be, but use this to find out what he really is capable of.

Its a case of tailoring your life around the PD rather than letting it take over.  Make sure you allow your Dad to be as independent as he can be, whilst helping him when he asks for it.  He is the best judge of how he is feeling and what he can do.

It is important to treat him and react to him exactly as you always have done - with or without PD he is still the Dad you love and will continue to love regardless of how the PD develops.  If you can be strong for him, that will help him immensely.

Good luck and keep your chin up - its not all downhill from here, life will hold many challenges, but face them head on and remember to look after yourself as well as your Dad.  Carers tend to be forgotten, but they need support as well, its not easy to watch someone you care for deal with PD symptoms.

Hi Brummie 1

Other than sleeping tablets does your dad take any

meds for his PD.