Dad newly diagnosed


hopefully this is in the right place. Just been told by my mum that dad has Parkinson's, he's yet to have it confirmed officially, but he's been falling over a lot, depressed and just giving up on stuff.

I'm in bits, I have no idea what to do. I've watched them struggle the last few months, not knowing what caused his slow walking or falling over, 

hes 78 and had. Stroke 14 years ago, so we were expecting something, but it all just seems so sudden. I just don't know what to say or do. 

I'm the baby of the family and I was always expecting my sisters to cope with it. But ones doesn't keep in touch and the other, the one I thought was a rock, is suffering from stress and anxiety herself, so I can't tell her. I feel so alone, I need to be here for my mum and I will be, but at the same time I feel so selfish, I just wanna run away and hide. 

I came on this website looking for answers, but I've just managed to scare myself. Help!

Hi Karen2276

Yes it's scary, no you don't need to be scared. If I'm anything to go by, your dad (if his dx is confirmed) will be a whole heap better once he's got his drugs sorted out. You don't need to say anything. You just need to be yourself - you sound like a supportive, practical person.

Do let all of you have time to come to terms with this. That can be a loong time, so stay patient with yourself and your parents. I'd say, try not to hide: you all need each other right now. Try not to worry too much either: everyone's PD is different, but for many of us it's slow moving, can be controlled with the right drugs, is not the end of the world.

Too much advice already so here's a bit more: take care, and come here often.

Best wishes to you all



thanks for replying. It was such a shock and a relief at the same time. I think I just feel that everything's been dumped on me. 

I've calmed down a bit now and been reading up on it. We can cope, it will be a struggle, but we coped with his stroke an my mums cancer 5 years ago, we can do it. 

have bookmarked this forum, so forgive me if I come on here and rant, but it's nice to get it out and be able to share the experience with other people. 


P.s I think I accidentally posted this twice, so can an admin tidy it up? Thanks.

Be strong Karen. This forum is where you will find advice, reassurance, sympathy, a friendly voice. Even a shoulder to cry on if need be.

Keep posting and rant as much as you like.

Thanks guys, I've had a cry, a wail, a scream and thrown up. I think now I'm ok. My friends a nurse and she talked me down/up.