Dad newly diagnosed

hi everyone. firstly i am so grateful to all the positive optimistic people out there that have given me such support just from reading your personal stories.

i am lisa 27 and my dad 68 was just diagnosed with tremor dominant Parkinson. My father means the world and this diagnosis pained me terribly.

after making much research i realised its not as bad as the word sounds to the ears. My father fortunately hasn't taken it too bad and just keeps telling himself i,m glad its not Alzheimer and my brain is still here..

my questions are:

1. i just enrolled him to twice a week boxing with a personal trainer. anyone out there with good feedback on boxing for tremor?

2. his dad and sister including him have had a tremor in their hand whilst holding an object as long as i've ever known them. Recently his right hand is constantly shaking whilst its resting and his lips started too.. hes taken a dat scan which showed a reduction in dopamine cells.. now is there still a possibility of it just being an hereditary tremor?. as well ive read a lack of dopamine comes from stress too. my dad sufferers terribly of stress so for all i know hes always had a smaller amount of cells in his brain.. im not denying just wondering

3. anyone tried focused ultrasound? were looking into that next..

4. anyone had their driving licenced removed??? hes terrified of that


thanks for your support in advanced,,,



yeah stress really is not a good for pd,and anything ie sports, boxing is great for pd ,but remember not to over do it as you will suffer, and remember not to eat to much protein ( cheese) when you meds are due ,as it takes longer for meds to get in your system 

thank you gus. i wish i can stop from my dad from stressing 

you could always take you dad to gp,tablets to stop him stressing