Dad with Parkinsons

Hi all, not sure where to start. Dad was diagnosed the Parkinsons 16 years ago. He is under a consultant and nurse but he has started freezing more and we called the nurse to see if she could visit but she said due to cuts she would not be able to come out. I am not sure who to turn to now! Mum is the main carer and now needs some support but we don’t know who to contact. Just thought I would ask if anyone could point me in the right direction.

I hear you @Christinefoxy would it be possible for you to get your dad to get some fisiotherapy / aquatherapy (not too sure about the price), all I know the stage about your dad seems he needs somebody to help him to always accompany or at least has activities to make him not that frozen anymore.

I have the same issue with my father in law (based in Indonesia), and been thinking of him quite sometimes, more over he lacked of activities and no community/friends at all. But finally I have a thought for him to get some music therapy (I have Psychology background) so at least my FIL wasn’t feeling that empty and loss his motor skill to the worst (eventhough he’s know on frozen stage too).

FIL has been in the 3rd session on piano course (our good friend is the teacher that at least know my husband’s family background for it). I think it’s quite helpful for my father in law to keep his mind, memory, his ear and his finger and heart to have some therapy.

Hope it helps.


There are lots of fab bits of information on here from people who have PD or deal with it. Look at “freezing” and various others on the forum, maybe more useful to read through the comments and then ask for more information. Lots of support and information. I have found various topics that have helped.