Dads been in hospital this week

My dad has been in extreme pain for 5 weeks and we've been to the doctors on numerous occasions plus had out of hours visits as his condition got worse. This weekend dad was so bad with pain that we took him to A&E he was admitted on Sunday /Monday morning 3am there were no beds on the elderly care wards so he was left in A&E. When we mentioned he was in real pain he was described as "Parkinson's pain" so we believed that the two were linked some how, he had tests X-rays and MRI all without being told what they we looking for and when asked they never told us. Three days on and dad is still in A&E as there's no beds. All tests came back negative we were told but they still didn't say what they were for anyway. Then a specialist informs da he's broken a vertebrae and they're not sure if it's new or old and that there's nothing to be done so he can go home. I had to ask what we were supposed to be doing as we've had no information from the nurologist or gp regarding PD and his pain had not subsided so they gave me morphine to give him and sent us home.

I'm angry he was treated like a second hand object, never mind just sit him in the corner as we can't do anything anyway.

Then we recieved a letter from the nurologist dated four weeks ago, saying that dads meds should have beed increased two weeks ago.

I just feel dads been forgotten again!
I am not surprised that your angry there appears to be have a lack of basic care, respect and communication. It is difficult enough when your loved ones are in hospital without it appearing that they are a second hand object, there is after all a minimum standard of care that every patient deserves and is entitled to. I presume that he was in a bed in the A&E ward and not on a trolley for the duration of his stay, it is unacceptable to keep patients in A&E due to lack of beds as this is really not the appropriate area to provide the care required. It must have come as a shock to be told he had a fractured vertebrae when you had previously been told all tests were negative - but I suppose it is now clear why he was in so much pain.
It may be worth putting something in writing to the hospital in question stating your concerns about the lack of care your dad appears to have received, if there is a PD nurse specialist in the hospital it would have been beneficial if A&E had contacted him/her.
I hope with the morphine your dad manages to get some pain relief. I would also be asking for a home visit from your dads GP, as it would be difficult for him to attend the surgery right now.
When I read your post it made me embarrassed to be a nurse:flushed:
I would like to think this would not have happened in the hospital I work in but was there is always a pressure on beds who knows what would have happened.
?Take care and I hope your dad improves with the correct medication regime.
I'm really sorry to hear about the dreadful treatment your Dad has been receiving. It sounds like there are a number of separate failings (struggle with GP, poor communication from Neuro, overloaded A&E department etc) that are combining to make a difficult situation much worse.
Are you in touch with a local Parkinson's UK group? There will be people there who can share their experiences of local Neurologists & Parkinson's Nurse specialists etc.
You may also consider PALS (Patient Advocacy & Liaison) if the service covers your hospital.

In any case you should call the Parkinson's UK helpline

I hope this helps.

Elegant Fowl
Hello Fishkeeper,

I am so sorry that your dad has had a very difficult time in hospital, sadly this is all too common with people with parkinson's. The whole medical profession needs to have greater training in understanding and looking after people with chronic conditions. We have four major hospitals in our area and pwp's I know have all had problems even when there are PD nurses working in them. My husband who has had PD for thirty years has experienced these problems several times throughout and now he is in a nursing homes in another area his new consultant has only seen him a couple of times and when I ring the secretary all I get is the notes are on his desk,the home hasn't had any luck either.
I do hope your Dad picks up a bit and do complain.
best wishes
Thank you all, this week has started better. The pain is becoming under control without the use of morphine. The local authority RITA assessor is coming today to see how they are managing.
Dad hasnt left the house since being discharged infact I can count on one hand the times he's been out in the last 6 weeks, I guess the weather hasn't helped but at least if the pain is getting better then I might be able to get him out sometime soon.
Hi Fishkeeper,

Really good news that the pain now seems to be coming under control and even better that its without the use of Morphine.
Hope all goes well today with the RITA assessment.
I am sure as the pain and weather improves your dad will be able to get out again heres hoping anyway.
Take care :smile: