Daily life

hello all, has anyone else had the experiance of there legs feeling like jelly it feels a bit like my blood sugars have dropped but have been tested for diabetes and all was well, i contacted my pd nurse who felt it might be my blood pressure she said as i have had pd for a while ( 8 years ) and am on a lot of meds that could be the problem so has asked me to arrange to have my blood pressure taken for 3 mornings to see what it is, she also said i might have to have support stockiings to get my blood pressure back up and she also said to have a drink of coffee in the morning apparantly that puts up your bp, i am also knocking off very quickly so it looks like i might have to consider giving up work which i dont want to do any advise would be much appreciated. sue
yes Lily my husbands are jelly like and his knee flex and give wayThey are also painful ..