Dairy Products & Parkinson's

My husband is 75 years old and was diagnosed with PD in 2011. He has been experiencing regular ‘off periods’ including one each morning lasting 60-90 minutes. On 11th November he changed from cows milk and natural yogurt on his breakfast every day to Soya milk and Soya yogurt, this was not an experiment, it came about because the items were on special offer and we thought it would make a change to try something new however the results have been amazing, no off periods at all during the morning since this new diet began, the afternoon off period is about 60 minutes but not too severe, the evenings are still by far the worst time with no improvement so far. Has anyone else had and experience with this reduction in dairy products?

I recently started taking my levodopa on an empty stomach, and avoiding protein rich products until my evening meal. This has reduced my wearing off considerably. I don’t eat an hour before taking my pill and half an hour afterwards. I still use cows milk, yogurt and cheese, but I no longer eat cheese until the evening. For lunch I either have a vegetable soup or hummus. I don’t eat much red meat anyway, but if I do, it is only with my evening meal.

I am pleased to report that one month of cutting right down on dairy products is still having really good results.