Dance classes

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Following research carried out by the University of Hertfordshire last year looking at the effects of dance for Parkinson's patients, it is of interest to the dance psychology lab at UH what possibilities are available to those wishing to take part in recreational dance classes.
I am currently attempting to find information about dance classes that are available across the UK for Parkinson's patients, there are some details available online but I am interested in finding any smaller scale classes which may not be 'advertised' on the internet. It would be a great help if anyone reading this has any information which may expand our knowledge in order to continue to explore the opportunities in this area.

Thank you

G. Luck.
I am very convinced that dancing is a very good way to slow down the progression of Parkinson's and special classes are great. However they are few of them.

I believe that people in the early stages can benefit from going to normal classes/ groups. With the added social aspect of making new friends in a normal situation.

I go folk dancing and the club nights are cheap, fun, sociable and have excellent live music. There are different groups and some are less energetic than others so it pays to visit a few groups. The U3A appear to run some very good day time groups.

There is no need to go with a partner.
Great, thank you for your reply, I will look in to U3A.
Hello Mixmatch,
Since I discovered how beneficial dance is for PWP, I helped the Chelmsford branch of Parkinsons UK set up weekly classes with a local dance studio. They are held every Tuesday mornings by a qualified dance teacher, although I worry that she has no additional training for dance with PWP. Some of the participants are quite unsteady. Everyone who goes enjoys it immensely and we would like to encourage more people to go. I am working with the local media to get it better known. In addition, two of us and a partner travel from Chelsmford to South Kensington every week to take part in classes held by the English National Ballet as part of their research project with Roehampton University. The classes are very special! I would like to set up a local class that has specially trained teachers in the method used by ENB. I hope this info is of use to you.
Best wishes, Chrissie w