Forgive me for crashing your forum site - i do not have Parkinsons myself. I have met and worked with people though through my work. I have numerous reasons for my interest in Parkinsons and seem to have found numerous links to it over a few years though none closely personal i will add.

My real reason for posting is that i would like to set up some dance based movement classes for Parkinsons. I have done for ages and increasingly i'm reading about this popping up.... just b/c nerves or confidence ... i dont wanna miss my opportunity! i really would like to help this happen in my area. BUT - i would really like to know (before i approach the local group) what people, who might want to attend, might want / think / feel / expect / worry about!

it's quite a big ask.... maybe you never ever thought about it!

i loved reading the post about music - it pleased me to see many tracks that made people happy were also ones on my playlist and which would be wonderful to dance to! it's a very small part of what might make a parkinsons dance group though... or is it?

i would really appreciate your comments & experience - and if people have the confidence to come, i hope i will have the confidence to run them ; )

thank you for reading. x
Hi Rubyglass,
I just caught the 'Dance ' heading as i was about to switch off the computer !
This is very interesting because only 3 weeks ago , i went to a newly set up dance/exercise class, specifically for people with Parkinsons.
I 'm pleased to tell you that it was wonderful !
On the morning of the first class , I really didn't want to go -- I felt heavy and stiff , it would have been so easy , not to go. Anyway, meds . taken , i decided to suss it out anyway. The teacher is a physiotherapist , with a special interest in Brain injured people, and a dancer, amateur I think.
The warm up was done with us sitting in chairs, and as we got looser , we stood. We learned a series of moves, very gradually, building up from feet and legs first , then incorporating arms.She had a variety of music, fast and slow. It was excellent , and at the end of the session , i realised i was actually running! Something i'd not done for 2 yrs or more.
Last week , we learned a routine , based on Samba moves, again to very catchy Latin American music. At the end of the session we all took part in a simple routine , it was very satisfying.
The cloud on the horizon is , that she really needs more people to come. We were 6 people with the condition plus 3 partners/ without, but they joined in as well.
I am not a natural dancer myself , so can understand people's fear of making a fool of oneself. But the movement made me feel really good , and I can do the moves at home , every day , to maintain the suppleness.
I don't know what else you'd like to know, i'll happily answer any questions you may like to ask.
I think if you can set something like this up , in your area , it would be wonderful for P.W.P.
All the best.
hello rubyglass, and thank you for posting.
My O/H is a musician & in the privacy of the landing outside the music room I "dance" I have found (but he won't be told!) that slow music is good to start off with and then increasing speed. The rhythm is most important, we PwP's are not good at adjusting our movements (at least this one isn't) Also, I tend, nay invariably, use the bannister as a balance aid. So maybe give some thought to this? It could be just positioning chairs so that people could use them for support.
Another thing that I have found is that it is possible to dance whilst sitting down. Sometimes I even dance whilst lying down. So maybe some people could remain seated?
Anything that encourages happy movement in PwP is appreciated. I cannot however answer the Q of how to get people to a group. The spirit may be willing, but the flesh? I watched a TV programme where a PUK worker provided weekly transport to a pilates group. I wish
And I wish you all the best in your endeavours
Good morning Rubyglass

I was a dancer and tho' not a pwp am a carer. This is a wonderful idea. Apart from the obvious physical benefits, dance and music are uplifting and infectious. I wish you great success.
where are you Ruby. If you are anywhere near Bracknell in Berkshire, sign me up!
Hi, I think there's a lot about dance elsewhere on this forum. I haven't studied it much nor can I dance well (I never could, even before!) but I discovered by chance that dancing motion got me moving along whe things were very bad mobility wise, and there've been times when I could enjoy a boogie more than a walk down the road.... singing, dance and rhythm are invaluable for us, I read that song/music/etc come from a different part of the brain to normal walking, anyway, I know from experience that it helps. Would love to know where you are based, Ruby. It's great you are taking an interest in these things. Tango is meant to be especially good for PWP?? I've not tried it I think I could not keep a straight face.. :-)
Wowsers! im bowled over. several nay numerous positive responses in just one day :fearful: this forum is awesome :wink:
Please... keep em coming. that was all useful. Yes - of course you can dance sitting down - you dance lying down - you can dance rolling side to side if needs be. I was taught that a great dancer could stand perfectly still in the middle of the stage and make themselves sweat! it's true if you try.

the point is more that the movement - any - should be interesting to you. so i guess ... you manage it more than once, you manage it bigger, or smaller but over a longer time, or by copying, mirroring or being moved, to different beats, to something you never heard, as a leader, follower and on and on

but in this setting - always to the best of YOUR ability - and for me.... not at all like a physio session :wink:

it's really lovely to hear from people so Thank You - all interested parties welcome, carers partners family kids... esp partners. And MEN too!!!
if i only knew how to drive - i would surely come to Berkshire :rolling_eyes:
i'm afraid i am Southwest way.

Please do add any things should they cross your mind. A couple of weeks from now i will be doing a dance based workshop using some new technology involving the use of responsive light - sounds weird for now i know but i set about my application with a Parkinsons movement workshop in mind - so literally ANYTHING goes!!! i am totally chucking myself in to this at the deep end!
ParkinsonsUK performance group on youtube 6 months from now... whaddya say?
I'll be a learner too i have to keep reminding myself.

Thank you so much for your speedy replies and fab advice.
Ruby do keep us posted I got PD friends in south wales might be interested depending where you are...

I am writing to inform those who may be interested that there are a number of specialist dance classes for people with Parkinson's around the UK. The growing teaching network in the UK is nourished in part by the Mark Morris Dance Group’s on-going collaboration with Dance Umbrella. David Leventhal, program manager for the Mark Morris Dance Group in New York says “The UK network is among the most knowledgeable, professional and skillful teams of Parkinson’s dance teachers in the world. They have developed a system of best practices and have worked diligently to build sustainable collaborative partnerships with local communities in order to provide a valuable and efficacious arts-based program to people with Parkinson’s in England and Scotland."

This group of UK teachers includes Gemma Coldicott, Danielle Jones, Joanne Duff, Anna Gillespie, Marina Benini, Amanda Fogg, Mo Morgan, Anthony Howell, Ute Scholl, Anna Leatherdale, Daphne Cushnie and Melanie Brierley along with Toby Beazley, the Executive Director of Dance Umbrella and researcher Dr. Sara Houston of Roehampton University. In addition, the Foundation for Community Dance, the national organization supporting community dance artists and their work in the UK has expressed its commitment to supporting the work of the network.

The network is currently working to set up a contacts page here in the UK. In the meantime you can FIND A CLASS NEAR YOU by going to the following site: Go to: Find a Class Go to: United Kingdom
This excellent website also has a wealth of information about dance classes for people with Parkinson's.

You can also check our site for classes in London:

There are also posts about dance research that has been undertaken in London recently which you can access on the forum in the research section.
Wow! so pleased to see all this on dance & PD. I am convinced it is a Really Good Thing To Do! I have persuaded my local dance company to start classes for PwP. They are going to work with musicalmoving and try it out over July & August with a concerted effort in September. I should have liked them to get involved with Tangotherapy, but they are inclined to think they know it already, so we'll see. If they go for the Tangotherapy training it will be a weekend at £300 plus expenses. Maybe the PD branch can help; I don't know. It will be good to get something over this side of the country (Essex). So far all the classes seem to be in South Wales or Devon! Will keep you posted.
Hi everyone,
I know this topic is an 'old one' but I thought I should put it under 'dance'.
I am so excited and I want to share with you that I have got a place at the English National Ballet's Dance for Parkinson's classes from 22nd October; part of Roehampton University's research into Dance for Parkinson's. Getting there (South Kensington) and back (Chelmsford) will be a challenge, to say the least, but what an opportunity? I'll keep you posted.
Recently I persuaded the local PUK to help out with some exercise/dance classes at a local dance studio. The studio management declined to do the 'Tango Therapy' training which is what I should have really liked, but that takes a weekend and has to be paid for. The PWPs who go seem to enjoy it and benefit from it and the local branch has subsidised this term's classes, financially, but wont be able to in the long term. Unless we get more people it might not be viable but it's a start. What would be interesting would be a debate about whether Tango or ballet is the most beneficial to PWPs and why? Any views?