Danger to self and others

Hi, I am new to this forum and to Parkinsons which my Dad has now. He was diagnosed a few months ago but I reckon he has had it for a few years. Until now I think my sister and I have been in denial about things because we both live abroad and don't see him very often. I live in Spain and she lives in Argentina. My Dad has always been a very proud and independant person and still lives on his own in a three bedroom house but I now feel he can't cope. He recently had an accident in his car. He went head on into a bus. (Luckily both were going very slow for a junction!) Noone was hurt but, it could have been so much worse. This week I have brought him to Spain for a holiday since he was able to travel with myself and return with my 19yr old son next week. But now I am even more worried. Yesterday I had to visit an apartment which is up 3 flights of stairs which with his bad leg (A separate issue not helped by Parkinsons!)he was unable to climb. So we parked him in his wheelchair in the sun looking out to sea. I was gone about 6 minutes and when I came back he had disappeared! A neighbour called down to me saying he was on the beach and had fallen. He had only tried to go down a steep slope to a stoney beach in a wheelchair that has no brakes for him to use. So he had cut on his eyebrow a bump on head and part of chair broken. He just doesn't seem to see the danger in what he tries to do and It's like talking to a toddler. Last week while I was home I arranged for the local support group worker to visit and I am hoping that with her help we can get him out the house occasionaly and get the help for him that until now he denies he needs. I have to scrub the house every time I go home but he doesn't seem to notice how bad it gets. His personal hygiene also getting worse and he wears dirty and stained clothing without noticing and gets aggressive when told about it. Really I am just on here to get all this off my chest as I have started the wheels turning to try and get him some help. But it is so frustrating and worrying when someone I love very much and have always respected seems to be letting themselves go.
Hello Anne1265,

Welcome to the forum where you can unload your worries and get some good advice as to how to help your father. It must be difficult for you living abroad but when you are over here do try and get in touch with the PD Support Worker as they will be able to help you access various different agencies to help your father stay at home, also do ring the helpline at the top of this page as you will find them very helpful.He is also entitled to a social worker, occupational therapist etc and they will be able to set up a care package for him so that he is safe.

How long is it since your father saw a consultant? he may be due a review of medication which is also very important in how he will be able to cope.
I wish you all the best