Dat scan and night time drug

Hi..........feeling very confused here. My husband was diagnosed with Parkinsons in Nov. So seen consultant once likewise the Parkinson nurse. He was put on medication immediately Mirapexin 3 times a day, seems to have made no difference. Yesterday he had his second appointment with the neurologist, only it wasnt her but I have to say a very strange lady! The whole meeting was quite bizarre and her English was not at all good so it was difficult understanding her. Basically after asking a few questions she said she wants him to take another drug, just one at bedtime, on top of the three Mirapexin. He asked her if she thought it would improve his symptoms and she just shrugged! She also wants him to have a DAT scan and seemed surprised he hasnt already had one! I found her so strange I came home and googled her.........but couldn`t find her listed anywhere! I think I am going to phone the Parkinson nurse and see what she thinks of all this. Does this sound right?  She didn`t tell us the name of the new drug, all she said was "don`t be afraid of it" ! Thank you.

sounds very strange I had pd for 5yrs very aggressive so had dbs only then did I have a dat scan.I think you are right I would have a talk with nurse I take pd drugs at night time only to help me move