Dat scan resulted

Hello everyone,I have just started to read and get involved in this site, I was told last year in March that I have PD at the age of 39 year, so they started me on all the meds to see what suits me, and works for me, at the moment I am on , stalevo, and Ropinirole as well as many others too, the meds alp me, my husband has noticed the difference as well as me, thinking straight, less muscle pain and other things, but last year at x mas they did the data scan, and results have come back negative? So what does that say I don’t have PD now, I have missed my meds to see if there is any change in me, and sure the body killers, can’t think and my fingers are numb and cold all the time, so really I just wanted to ask I am confused if I have PD or not, my next appointment is in around 2 months and I just can’t think about anything else right now, can any one tell me am I over thinking this?

Hi Raz1,

A warm welcome to the forum.

In light of what you’ve described; I would strongly recommend you contact our helpline service so you can speak to a Parkinson’s specialist about your concerns. They may be able to offer some clarity on your situation which will hopefully provide you with some reassurance - please feel free to give them a call on 0808 800 0303.

Do keep us posted on this.

Many thanks,