Dat scan

Can anyone explain the difference between a PET scan (Which I've had) and a DaT scan (which I haven't had). Do they provide different information?
my understanding,is that datscan is a particular marker (ioflupane) that 'sticks' to dopamine producing cells and so shows up pd in particular and is captured by gamma machines.

PET is a particular kind of gamma ray machine that produces 3d images that uses different markers for different purposes. I believe that it doesnt use ioflupane but dont know if it could

I think datscan can be used by non-pet gamma machines which are cheaper.
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for a good summary of different imaging techniques and their uses.

very good document. couldnt find it when i looked for it first time.
seems to suggest that if pet done then no point doing datscan too?
As far as PET scans go, it looks like a double-edged sword.

As there are only around 20 :fearful: or so machines in Europe (and most are used for research purposes) you'd be lucky to get access to one. Obviously this "luck" would come about due to you being "very unlucky" to have needed it in the first place :cry:

For the record Australia has at least 16 of these machinesTasmania has at least 1 :exclamation:

The US and Canada have a multitude of them.

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I've never heard of PETscan, but i had a Dat scan when i was first diagnosed in 2000. They gave me a radioactive injection first then i spent roughly about half an hour in the machine. Unfortunately because of the cost it's not possible to get the dat scan! Which i think is a great shame because i think it helps in the treatment you get. I did't start taking any medication till 2004 and my consultant is over the moon with the way i'm coping. I'm on at the moment Mirapexin (pramipexole) 0.7/0.18, Selegiline 5mg, and Amantadine 100mg, apart from the obvious tremour in the right arm the only other problem i have is freezing in door ways which i'm try really hard to overcome. But if you have a positive attitude it can help. I'm hoping when i next see my consultant in October he won't start me on lepadopamin just yet, i know i'll have to go on it eventually but longer i stay off it the better quality of life i'll have. I know it's not quite what asked but i hope what i've said will help.
Hi, thanks for the replies and thanks, rico, for the link which proved very helpful. I need to read it carefully though but as I am having a good day I'vr been doing some gardening! Now I've found you guys I hope to drop in regularly - thanks again for the help.
No problems Essjay, it is a lot to take in as there are different types of both PET and DAT scans.

Good on you for NOT dropping in on good days. Enjoy them. And the physical activity would also help you feel good.

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I haven't had any scans, should I have?
not unless your into experimental german electronic music in which case i recommend an mri. (but not if you are klaustrophobic - thats a kraftwerk joke)

seriously, you must be pretty certain of your diagnosis by now?
btw it sounds like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oI9YnhPNcQ
Thats not the point Tumsh.

I've been denied my basic 'uman rights.

I'm off to see my MP and claim some compo.