Dat scan

Hi just a quick update. Hubby has his DAT scan next Friday morning. It’s great to finally get a date but scary as well. Does anyone know how long it will be before we get the results?? Scan will be at the city hospital Belfast.

@Shonab, I have just checked my records and diary notes. I had my DAT scan on a Friday and was given the results on the telephone by my neurologist the following Tuesday with an appointment to see him the following week on the Friday (10 days).

I have no idea if this is normal, however this was my timeline. The telephone call was well managed and the results were not unexpected, but was still difficult to hear. Fortunately we knew the times between the call would be and my wife and I arranged to be at home from work so we could both hear.

For me it was a relief to know I had positive dx, but I do remember how upset my wife was but also relieved, as I recall she said something like now we know for sure we can fight it. We had deliberately up to that point decided not to look up on the internet anything about PD from the point of referral until the day after the result of the DAT scan.

The following day the only site we visited, and I am so glad we did was Parkinson’s UK. We also used the helpline so by the time we saw the neurologist we had some questions we wanted to ask , if they were not already answered during the appointment.

I hope you get the results as quick and the follow up support from the neurologist. Remember the PUK website as there is lot of really good information and do if needed use the helpline.

Best wishes to you both John :blue_heart::sunglasses:

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My experience was much less positive unfortunately. I had the scan on the 15th August and was told the results should be available in a few days but had to chase them constantly before finally getting the results in a letter from my consultant on 3rd October.

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Thanks for the info folks. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the results. Grateful to be getting it so soon due to the covid crisis. We had expected to wait a lot longer. Hoping you are all keeping well xx

Hi each i had my dat scan in September didnt know anything untill dec just in time for xmas

Can’t believe you have all waited so long for the results!!! That’s awful!!! I’m hoping we get the results withing a couple of weeks. Tho we are in northern Ireland and neurology is quite slow due to the recalls from a dodgy consultant last year.