Dat Scan

Just got phone call from hospital they have a cancellation so I have to go for my Scan in the morning,can anyone tell me what to expect and what is involved thanks to all
I had mine in 2004 I doubt they've changed much but you never know, I was in hospital on a day ward for most of the morning, they injected me with the solution a type of dye I think then if I remember rightly it was at least 3 or 4hrs before they could do the scan, it wasn't like an MRI scan i was lying on a table while the X-ray type machine rotated around my head, it wasn't scary or uncomfortable.
I hope I've been of some help?
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Hi I had a scan in March this year. I
Hi, i will try this again, an ipad and a tremor do not always work well together! I had my scan inMarch. I started with some tablets, then had to come back in an hour I think for the injection of the radioactive stuff. I was given a time in the afternoon for the scan which I think was at least three hours later. During the scan I had to lie flat on my back and a strap was used to keep my head still. This wasn't uncomfortable. I was advised to keep my eyes closed as the plates sometimes come quite close to your face. There was some misunderstanding about whether I wanted the radio on so it was difficult to know how time was passing as the person operation the machine didn't give me any updates as to how long there was to go, so I would definitely ask for the radio on. It was only 30 minutes for the scan so was quite bearable. Everyone was very nice and helpful but you do fell relieved when it is over.
Sorry cannot help on this subject. My team seem rather reluctant to do this test although I have mentioned it to them
How accurate is the scan?

Can it confirm if you have PD or if you havent?
i believe the scan is very accurate for positive id, but pd and msa can't be differentiated.

I hope I'm not too late to join this discussion. I am scheduled to have the DaTscan next week. However I am wondering whether to proceed. As far as i can tell, the scan is a good indicator if you have PD, but not 100%, and regardless of outcome it doesn't alter the treatment. So what's the point?? given that there are potential risks to the bladder and thyroid.

I have emailed my neurologist and asked him if there is any overwhelming reason to have the scan. He is yet to respond.


Hello, GTB --

I don't know if you consider this relevant, but as far as I know, scans are not commonly used in the U.S. to confirm PD.  None of my doctors in the 17 years I've had PD has ever mentioned a scan; they have relied only on physical tests and observation.  I must remember to ask my current doctor about this difference between our countries.